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On the menu for the 2022 season: new rules that will change all habits.

After an amazing 2021 season and a finale worthy of the best HBO movies to the great success of Drive to Survive, the 2022 season kicks off with a brand new start with completely overhauled technical regulations that leave teams questioning themselves. Will the leaders play their part or will the underdogs take advantage of the new start to kick ass?

Bahrain International Circuit


The great technological revolution: to allow drivers to fight harder, to offer a lot of spectacle, the FIA ​​introduced new rules. With the return to ground effect, the downforce of cars is no longer generated by ribs above the wheels, but by the venturi effect under the chassis. The idea is to create a one-seater that returns less polluted air to the pursuers and thus does not reduce their downforce. So cars will be faster in a straight line, faster in fast corners, but harder in slow corners. Indeed, the lack of speed reduces downforce due to the loss of ground effect. Single-seaters are also heavier and less agile, with 18-inch tires and new safety restrictions weighing down on what were already monsters.

The Sakhir track emerged from the ground in 2002 and is therefore part of a large family of east tracks with a technical and fast layout. With a lap of 5.4 km, the Bahrain circuit is quite long, so it offers a fairly wide range of low and medium speed corners. The highlight of this track is the infamous turn 10, a double right at first easy, then very steep, all on a constant slope. With three straight lines, one short and two long, the Bahrain circuit offers plenty of overtaking opportunities and usually offers races as fast as the Manu le Malin set in Astropolis. Everything is in the spotlight, with wind and demonic temperature fluctuations… To sum it up, between the local peculiarities and the new rules, there are all the ingredients for an epic FIGHT!!

Circle the promenade with Max Verstappen

Ferrari, the first surprise of the year?

With all these novelties, he very deftly guesses the composition of the podium. The whole peloton thinks that Ferrari is ahead…but these kinds of statements sound as empty as Pierre Calamusa’s rotten bluff. At the moment, Verstappen and Hamilton remain the favorites at the appropriate odds. @3.00 as well as @3.40. The two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz follow them with much higher odds. @6.00 as well as @8.50. It is tempting to see a good opportunity for a sharp rise, betting on the potential of the Scuderia.

Betting on the victory of Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz

George Russell, is the crack still in place?

Rated @10 new teammate Lewis Hamilton is clickable for the win. Obviously, being king of the track once he’s in the elite is tricky, that’s not what Ricky Bobby wants, it’s George Russell who showed great performance behind the wheel of a German single-seater during his blazing stint at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Could this year be the right one?

Bet on English crack

Weekend Schedule

Friday 18 March
– Free training 1 at 12:40 (Canal+ Decalé)
– Free training 2 at 15:40 (Canal+ Decalé)

Saturday 19 March
– Free training 3 at 12:40 (Canal+ Decalé)
– Qualification at 15:30 (Canal+)
– Pole position at 19:00 (Winamax TV)

Sunday 12 December
– Grand Prix at 16:00 (Canal+)

Watch Pole Position on Winamax TV!

To know all about it Bahrain Grand Prixfind two pistons Brice Germain as well as Pit stop F1 on the Vinamax TV this Saturday at 19:00under the control of the team leader Emmanuel Monk. The show will be broadcast live on our channel. YouTubebut also on Molotov as well as twitch.

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