behind the scenes of “Welcome Back”, the game that Camille Kombal makes money for the public

WE WERE THERE – Just six days after taping the show at La Plaine Saint-Denis, TF1 is airing its new entertainment, adapted from the Dutch format, “Oh, Wat een Jaar!” Friday during prime time.

With a variation of Etienne Carbonnier’s “Canap” in 1995, then 2002 and soon 1989 on TMC, with “A year of TV” on C8, or “Camille & Images” in a vintage club setting on TF1, the nostalgia intensified. more fashionable than ever on TV. On Friday night, viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in 1993 with “Welcome Back,” a crazy game hosted by Camille Kombal where the audience walks away with a good check in their pocket. The idea could very well be in the mind of the TF1 host, as it resembles what he loves: a clever cocktail of nostalgia, archival footage, humor and improvisation. Yet it was the Dutchman John de Mol, to whom we are already indebted to Big Brother and The Voice, who came up with this UFO, described as a “retro-entertainment game”, by launching “Oh Wat Yen Jaar!” (understand “Oh, what a year!”) in October 2017 on RTL4.

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After Belgium, Germany and Poland, it was France’s turn to take over the format, led by ITV Studios France and Ellimac Productions. Announced on Feb. 22 by TF1, first broadcast in prime time on March 18, the recording of “Welcome Back” took place last Saturday at Lendit Studios in La Plaine Saint-Denis, near Paris. A few weeks after filming The Voice, the imposing décor of Camille Kombal’s new game was installed on a nearby set. Very similar to the Dutch version, this is a reconstruction of a house with an entrance, a living room, a dining room on the ground floor and an L-shaped staircase leading to two attic rooms. Every detail is connected to 1993: except for the DVD with Dead Poets Society dropped out of Marty McFly’s DeLorean, the shelves are lined with vintage items, from a disposable camera to a VHS tape recorder passing by Tamagotchis, phone smart cards, francs, a bulky cordless phone, or even a Walkman. Opposite, about 280 spectators line up in two camps: half of them in red scarves and the other in blue scarves.

“I’m disgusting, I look like my father in 1993”

Camille Kombal

If the room driver did a wonderful job of getting everyone in shape, then Camille Combal, his guests and especially the financial gingerbread man did the rest. In “Welcome Back”, the audience becomes the true supporters of their famous team, as their victory in the end will be their victory with the total winnings. At this premiere, Michel Laroque, Nolwenn Leroy and Mikael Gregorio met the trio Barbara Schultz, Jean-Luc Lemoine and Redouin Bougeraba in a tense atmosphere. “I’m disgusting, I look like my father in 1993”free the animator by landing on set with Francis Cabrel’s real mustache and incredible yellow shirt with brown jacket. “like Jose in Helen and the boys”. And in continuation: “Today there is a mule! Are there minors in the room? You can buy cigarettes with this money.”.

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It took five hours to complete filming for this first five-round “Welcome Back” installment, rules of the game that Camille Kombalu sometimes had a hard time explaining to her absent-minded guests, between two sips of Red Bull Light and an explosive finale with the sweet smell of popcorn. In just five rounds €32,000 will be up for grabs between the Reds and Blues, but we’ll have to wait for the final round to see which side will confirm their pot in order to redistribute it to their fans. At a minimum, each viewer attended a real free show with, in addition, a one in two chance of receiving a check in the amount of 0 to 228 euros. After the confetti is dropped and the cameras are turned off, the 140 winners are invited to leave their contact details on a document to claim their prize. As for the losers, they were all able to share a moment on set with Camille Kombal, exchange a few words, get an autograph and immortalize their visit in photos. After being emptied and vacuumed, the “Welcome Back” house died, only to come back to life two days later in the 2000 version. Another show will open Friday, March 25 at 9:10 pm on TF1.

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