Cult’Hebdo March 16, 2022 | Cultural news of the Eastern Pyrenees

♦ 36th Sacred Music Festival in Perpignan in spring.

Sacred Music Festival; from 1 to 16 April in Perpignan. Photo “Les Metaboles” © Elsa Laurent. “In order to connect 29 events, the flight will give meaning and rhythm to every concert, meeting, walk, master class, spotlight … Unique artists will give this spring holiday bright, original, and sometimes amazing colors”, , Elizabeth Dooms, Director of the Sacred Music Festival.
This year we will note the musicians Baba Assalam and the circus performer Sylvain Julien, who on the last day will again visit the ritual of whirling dervishes in an original musical trance.

Among the “basic” Evenings Florilège, the night of the world will glorify the spiritual Armenia as close as possible to the emotions. Leonardo Garcia Alarcón, the world famous conductor, and his ensemble Capella Mediterranea will perform for the first time in Perpignan. At the end of the 2022 festival, Paul Agnew and the singers Les Arts Florissants, faithful companions of the festival, will illuminate the Dominican church with sacred madrigals. Among the unpublished, we will talk about the Metaboles concert directed by Leo Warinsky, which will suit him. “immateriality, transcendence and grace”

Lloyd Cole + Nicolas Loffredo Dj Set; March 24 (21:00) at ElMediator – Perpignan.

famous songwriter, Lloyd Cole has fascinated us since the early 1980s, when he studied philosophy in parallel with his flourishing career in concussion. He has many albums to his credit: fourteen in total and eleven solo, the last of which Standards (2012).

“Often playing in small rooms alone on an acoustic guitar, he enjoys the closeness that such a place offers to be able to interact with his audience. Solo or duet, you can hear Lloyd Cole, and if that’s not accepted, you’ll have the choice of dancing or enjoying the moment, sitting comfortably. The concert will span the artist’s entire career, from Rattlesnakes (1984) with Commotions to the new Guesswork album released in July 2019.

Lloyd Cole

♦ Jazzèbre: Simone in concert at La Casa Musicale

Simone; March 26 (20:30) at La Casa Musicale. Jazzebre concert as part of Women’s Rights Week.

“The Simone project was born from the meeting and desire of three musician-composers with unique universes, Sophie Bernado, Severin Morfin and Tatiana Paris, to create a place of exchange and creativity in direct resonance with our times. The #metoo movement has stirred up all artistic circles and initiated a deeper understanding of what has been replayed in our society in the form and essence of the works created today. »

“Women and artists have a need to be together, to write, compose and act. Accompanied by drummer Mathieu Peno. Simone delivers vibrant, powerful music that will take you far… from pop to experimental music, using the sound materials of song, spoken word, instrumental composition or improvisation. Her songs are based on lyrics by feminist Rita Segato, an Argentine-Brazilian scholar recognized for her contributions to feminist issues. Simone sings in a whirlwind of sounds the taste for freedom. »

♦ David Hare questions the meaning of life

heavenly light, David Hare – Claudia Stavisky; March 26 (20:30) and March 27 (18:00) at Théâtre de l’Archipel – Perpignan. To the text of the English playwright David Hare Claudius Stavisky, director Galileo’s life given in 2020 in the Archipelago, returns to modern writing and more common destinies with heavenly lighta work in which a deep, tense connection is manifested, uniting the intimate and the political.

“David Hare’s play depicts two generations caught in an extreme conflict between the victory of money and the victory of humanity, social justice. (…) As the night darkens, the boundaries between past and present blur. Two ex-lovers argue about what unites them and what separates them. A reflection on the meaning of life and obligations, held in the company of three excellent actors. »

One hour with David Hare; March 24 (19:30) at the Jean Vigo Institute. Illustrated talk, moderated by Jocelyn DuPont and Keese Bakker.

“A playwright, screenwriter, director… the acclaimed Sir David Hare is delighted to share a moment of discussion about his work for film and television. His work, both for theater and cinema, is characterized by a strong commitment to our modern society and its history: he examines its functioning and its institutions with a critical and humanistic eye. After the show Clock (March 22, 7:30 pm at the Institute) and based on several excerpts from his filmography (“Wetherby”, “Fatal Death”, “The Hours”, “The Reader”, “Page Eight”, “Accomplice”, etc. in his work and his screenwriting “secrets” … “

♦ Place of testimonies on training days at the Rivesalt memorial.

This year’s Days of Study aims to challenge situations in which public policies and programs of action are evidence-based or reflective. “Through the proposed exchanges, we wish to continue the reflections begun at the Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes around evidence, focusing on its use and its links to the state, discourses and social mechanisms. It will be about highlighting different contexts: the recent terrorist attacks in France, the law on historical memory in Spain, and educational policies related to the Holocaust. »

The training days are held entirely online in the form of webinars in partnership with the association Yahad-In Unum and the University of Perpignan – Via Domitia (UPVD). Full program here.

Monday, March 21, 2:30 p.m.. Opening of the training days by Patrick Debois, President of Yahad-In Unum, and Denis Peschansky, President of the Scientific Council of the Camp de Rivesaltes Memorial. Then a webinar on developing a system of care and compensation for victims of terrorism with Eloise Cartron-Picart and Johan Kistreber. Sign up for Zoom here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2:30 p.m. “Restore” the historical memory of the Spanish Civil War? The multiplicity of scales and actors of memorial politics in Spain and France since 1977, webinar with Nita Larroque and Anélie Prudor. Sign up for Zoom here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2:30 p.m. Reflexive analysis of educational policy in connection with the last eyewitnesses of the Holocaust from a bullet, a webinar with Thibaut Courcel and Yigal Fjalkou. Sign up for Zoom here.

♦ Mozart Requiem for OSAR and Jazz Bach for OSAR Brass

OSAR brass; March 26 at 20:00, St. Mary’s Church, Le Boulou. Bulu city will accept soon OSAR BRASS, a wind ensemble founded in 2020 by Bernard Salles, Music Director of the Alenia Roussillon Symphony Orchestra (OSAR). This set consists of 11 musicians: trumpets, horns, trombones and tubas. They will perform an anthology of music from Bach to the present day, including opera arias, traditional songs, jazz and ragtime, as well as two world premieres.

OSAR will perform Mozart’s Requiem; three evenings will be held in Collioure (03.01), Boulou (03.02) and Prada (03.03). This production, which features 110 artists, will be preceded by a work by Bernard Salles: The Seven Words of Christ on the Cross; work inspired by the Pious Christ of the Cathedral of Perpignan. The Requiem Mass in D minor (KV. 626) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of his last works and will be completed posthumously by other composers.

♦ Prospective XXII, a week of contemporary music creation at the Perpignan Conservatory.

From Monday, Tuesday, March 22 to Saturday, March 26, in the John Cage Auditorium, several concerts and conferences will be offered as part of Prospect XXII ; a week dedicated to contemporary musical creativity at the Perpignan Conservatory.

Four studies on almost nothing ; March 22 (19:30). Franco-Argentine choreographer and performer Renaud Semper and composer Lucy Prod’homme invite you to a musical and choreographic exploration of the infinitesimal within gesture and material, from tiny rhythm to tiny heartbeat.

Resonances ; March 23 (18:30). Concert of the Dynamis Ensemble, a group founded in 1999 in Milan by musicians who share a common passion for modernity and contemporary music.

Japanese lyrics ; March 24 (18:30). The public will be able to find the same Daniel Tosi in a conductor’s costume, as well as the soprano Gisele Xerri-Vacher in musical areas of hard-to-reach but incomparable sophistication; based on scores by Ravel and Stravinsky.

sculpt ; March 26 (18:30). In this immersive performance, performer Philipp Spiesser plays invisible percussion, evoking different sounds with his movements, while a digital device simultaneously broadcasts a stream of Thomas Keppel’s visual creations.

♦ Youth: “I came where you go” in Théâtre de l’Étang.

Born to a Spanish mother and a Congolese father. Davy Kilembe grew up between Perpignan and Lubumbashi. Sameer Muhubi comes from the Kabyle Mountains of Djurdjur. He moved to France to continue his career with the support of Francis Cabrel.
“I’m from where you’re going” depicts their respective paths and their encounters with life. The tone is thin. Looks happy. Experienced traumas are offered. Honesty is respected. This live show is a testament to real stories, available to anyone from the age of six. Hymn to education

♦ Call for applications for the 5th edition of the Occitanie – Médicis award.

The Occitanie region organizes the Occitanie – Médicis award for the fifth year in a row to promote regional talents in contemporary art on the national and international stage. Plastic and visual artists have until April 15 to submit their designs and apply.

How to apply: Justify the status of an artist – a professional writer in the field of plastic arts or have a diploma of higher education in the field of plastic or fine arts. Live in Occitania or have a connection with this territory (place of birth, diploma). More information:

♦ And to finish off in music, Mintaka is the last clip of the Perpignan band Supamoon

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