“If this is him, for a moron, then he is strong, he is the world champion”

A few days before Christmas, fifteen months ago in Cagnac-les-Mines, the strange disappearance in the middle of the night of 33-year-old mother Delphine Jubilar made headlines. From the first days, this news fascinated the French after the Daval case, which ended three weeks earlier with the sentence of her husband to 25 years in Haute-Sauna.

But unlike this case, in which the victim’s family did not hesitate to give interviews, the relatives of the Tarn nurse, who was orphaned at 28, remained out of the media eye and whirlwind.

So, his uncle and aunt, who never spoke on camera, finally broke their silence in a Friday night documentary on RMC Story. (one)signed by Xavier Beneroso and Gregory Herault, with Ronan Folgoas, an excellent reporter for Le Parisien, the only journalist who met her husband, Cédric Jubilard and Delphine’s lover, with whom she wanted to start a new life.

“It was the opposite of Delphine”

It is on the kitchen table that Didier and Elisabeth display their family photographs, in which we recognize the young and very smiling Delphine, who at that time was still called Aussagel. “She was wonderful. She was a little girl, maybe a little mischievous, but sweet, kind. We had a strong connection, both from his side and from ours, it was mutual, ”says the uncle. “She was like a girl to us,” adds the aunt.

They cling to these memories of lost happiness while all hope seems to have fled. No trace of her since the night of December 15-16, 2020. No body. No hints. No confessions. “We won’t see her again,” Elizabeth says. A scenario of voluntary disappearance? Romantic getaway? They don’t believe in it anymore. “Still, I would like to,” adds her husband. They wonder about Delphine’s relationship with Cedric, the father of her two children, Louis and Elijah: “We wonder why she met this boy. It was the opposite of Delphine.”

“He’s someoneCuteCedric »

Crash ? Bad meeting? All these versions were excluded during the investigation. With each passing day, more and more suspicions are directed towards the number one suspect. The one from the cell where he is being held proclaims his innocence: the husband, a 34-year-old plasterer addicted to cannabis, is as annoying as it is intriguing. So, femicide that looks like the perfect crime, or a miscarriage of justice? Everyone has their own opinion on this…

Severin, his girlfriend, whom he met four months before his arrest and placed in police custody for complicity in hiding a corpse, is convinced of his innocence: “He never trusted me, never trusted anything. He would have said anything to me, I would have waved right away. I wouldn’t stay with someone who would hurt his wife, she assures us in her hoarse smoker’s voice. “He’s someoneCute, Cedric. He has character, I have character … He is a handsome man, he was charming, he is cheerful, hardworking … Anything that can attract a woman. And add: “If this is him, the one whom everyone takes for a moron, then I think that he is strong in these matters, he is the world champion.”

“Delphine, it’s been her whole life”

His friend Cyril, for his part, recalls his affection for his wife: “Delphine was his driving force. Delphine was her whole life. He had only one thing in his heart, and that was the ability to give her everything she could desire or desire. The thirty year old wanted to turn the page. At the time of the incident, the couple was in the process of divorcing at the initiative of a young woman whom her husband had difficulty accepting.

Finally, Ronan Folgoas, who followed the investigations from day one and wrote a book about them (2), received some secrets from Cedric two months before his arrest: “As soon as I arrived at the place, he was waiting for me on the terrace. He offered to show me his house. I felt like he was very proud to show it off and show that it really is quite livable.”

“He speaks of his wife in rather unflattering terms”

He did not know at the time that investigators were following him very closely. Besides, he never mentions the case. “It stands out that he does not express feelings of sadness, loneliness, for example, he has little affect, he speaks rather unflatteringly about his wife. He tells me that she was not necessarily the perfect mother her friends were talking about, that her head was elsewhere long before she disappeared…” During this encounter, he does not appear to be a grieving husband, but rather a caring father. about his children, about his house, and about the one who works alone…

A lack of empathy that only reinforces his status as an alleged criminal. Indicted and imprisoned since June 18, 2021, Cédric Jubillard is still in custody. On Tuesday, his lawyers filed a new request for release, which is opposed by the prosecution. The investigative chamber of the Court of Appeal will issue its decision next Tuesday.

(1) “The Case of Jubilar: Investigating and Revealing the Disappearance of Delphine,” a 90-minute StudioFact documentary by Xavier Beneroso, Gregory Herault and Ronan Folgoas, Friday, March 18, 9:05 pm, on RMC Story.

(2) Anniversary Mystery, Disappearance Investigation by Ronan Folgoas, StudioFact, published this Thursday, March 17, 311 pages, €19.90.

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