LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Thursday, March 17

Leon Delpeche has only been called up once by Nicolas Ousai in his last four matches (photo by Anthony Morin).

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Nimes Olympic

GN is still there. During Nimes Olympique’s 1-2 loss to Auxerre, the ultra group of gladiators once again expressed their desire for President Rani Assaf to step down. After the offensive songs, this time they used a softer way. Mounted in the south stand facing the north stand, where Rani Assaf was not present, there were thirteen of them and each wore a white t-shirt with a slogan written in black to form the message: “Assaf part! The formula is then repeated over several songs. Weeks go by and the refrain is always the same. The next day, GN91 made the announcement on their Twitter account: ” What not to do to prove yourself in your own stadium…. For those who can still get in, of course! Indeed, the eastern scales, the historical tribune of this group of fans, are closed and must remain so until the end of the season. And several dozen players received a trade ban from the club, preventing them from visiting the stadium until the end of the season. Thus, this action was carried out by the few supporters who still had the authority. It is a completely legal way of protest, which will not lead to any sanctions.

What is the future of Delpech? Holder on the first day in Bastia (1-1) Léon Delpeche immediately noted the mood, in particular, with his militancy. Hopes were confirmed in the following matches, where he alternately moved from one squad to another (10 this season) and entered the game (16 times), scoring the first professional goal in Grenoble (1-2). Thus, already in January, the club turned to the environment of the 19-year-old player to offer him his first professional contract. The file that should a priori quickly settle, but ultimately no. The player’s agents would have different requests and demand a higher salary for the midler. Nîmes Olympique did not accept this request and negotiations ceased. This non-renewal has implications for the sporting level and daily investment of Delpech. After appearing on 24 match sheets during the first 25 days, Nicolas Ousai decided to send him to the reserves rather than take him to Amiens (3-0). Reinstated the following week, the Bordeaux native took the field to play the final seven minutes. According to our information, his casual behavior during the warm-up would have displeased the coach. Which, of course, explains why once again Leon Delpeche was not called up for a trip to Le Havre (0:1) and a defeat from Auxerre (1:2). Whether it’s a return to the team or signing a professional contract, the door doesn’t seem completely closed, but his future should be written outside the Garda next season.


USAM goaltender Theodor Pohl helps refugees (pictured Anthony Morin)

Derby for Peace. That green team will host Montpellier on Saturday, March 26 at 20:00 in Parnasse. This matchup will be a heated derby between two neighbors vying for European spots, but regional dominance is also at stake. During this important match, USAM will organize a fundraiser (note that you don’t need clothes) to benefit the victims of the war in Ukraine . The donations will then be sent to Zilina, Slovakia, a refugee camp run by the Slovak Red Cross. “Many Ukrainian families are fleeing the war, and all of Slovakia is trying to help them. People rent out their apartments, their houses, and my children at school also have new classmates, Ukrainians! Thank you for any help you can give to the refugees.” explains Teodor Paul, Slovak USAM goalkeeper.


The Centurions will have to wait until April 3 to play again (Centurions photo – Facebook)

Nimes winner by forfeiture. Exempted from Day 4 of the Third Division, the Centurions were scheduled to face Notre Dame Marseille this Saturday on behalf of Conference B Day 5. But we’ll still have to wait to see Nimes in action again because their opponent Marseille withdrew . As a result, Gardua will play again only on Saturday, April 3, at the Stade Nicolas-Kaufmann against Blue Star de Marseille. With three wins in the same number of matches, the Centurions are still at the top of Group B.

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