Purchasing power, pensions, taxes… Emmanuel Macron details his economic program

The current head of state, Emmanuel Macron, a candidate for re-election, specified his proposals on the economic aspect.

Time for a big oral. Emmanuel Macron presented his presidential election program this Thursday in Aubervilliers. The President of the Republic, a candidate for re-election, detailed his proposals, in particular on the economic aspect. Inheritance rights, social assistance, pension reform… Here is a summary of the main economic measures taken by Emmanuel Macron.

It should be noted that the outgoing president estimates the cost of his presidential election program at 50 billion euros a year, to which will be added 15 billion a year in tax cuts, half of which will benefit households and half for businesses.


> Full time employment for 5 years

The current head of state aims for full employment within 5 years. An “achievable” and “realistic” goal, which “is to do in the next 5 years what we did in the 5 years that have just passed.”

To do this, Emmanuel Macron wants to “combine all the know-how” and create a single center by transforming “Pôle Emploi en France Travail”. To achieve full employment, the candidate also wishes to continue reform of unemployment insurance to establish rules that encourage “even more to return to work.”

> Making RSA receivers work

In addition, he also wants to oblige RSA beneficiaries to practice 15 to 20 hours a week, “allowing them to go to professional integration, whether it be integration training or employment.” An offer made not only by Valerie Pekress, but also by Nicolas Sarkozy, exactly ten years ago.


> Age of majority at 65

Emmanuel Macron confirms that he wants to raise the age of majority to 65 if elected for a second term, taking into account “a long career”, “disability issues”, and “the reality of jobs and tasks, in order to have a system that is right”.

In addition, the presidential candidate repeated that he wants to “abolish special regimes” and introduce a minimum old-age pension of 1,100 euros. The head of state suggests that he wants to carry out a reform “different from the reform of 2017, considering that “macroeconomic conditions are no longer the same” and that “our country continues to transform.”


> 15 billion euros in tax cuts

“Over the next five years, I am committed to cutting taxes on half households and half businesses by 15 billion euros,” the candidate assured on Thursday, specifying that he also wants to eliminate CVAE (contribution to the added value of companies). , the so-called production tax, which currently brings in 7 billion euros a year.

This tax cut is far below the one proposed by Emmanuel Macron in 2017, as it included a cut of 32 billion euros.

purchasing power

> Encourage the purchase of an electric car

The candidate proposes to create “leasing mechanisms to support the most modest households in order to ensure the transition of their vehicles.” Goal: To allow as many people as possible to have access to an electric vehicle.

The head of state also wants to build an entirely French electric vehicle development industry.

> Waiver of audiovisual license fees

Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that he wants to cancel the €138 audiovisual fee if elected for a second term. The measure was also proposed by Valerie Pecresse (LR), Marine Le Pen (RN) and Eric Zemmour (Reconquest).

> Triple Macron’s Bonus

In his speech, the candidate said he wanted to triple the ceiling of the “Macron Bonus,” renamed for the occasion the “Purchasing Power Bonus.” This bonus could amount to “€3,000 per year versus €1,000 currently, subject to the signing of a profit-sharing agreement.” Nearly 4 million employees received this exceptional Purchasing Power Award (PEPA) last year, averaging €506.

> Payment of social assistance “at the source”

Emmanuel Macron has pledged to automatically pay social assistance “at the source”, which he says will benefit “20 million French people” who are concerned South Africa, activity bonus, housing assistance or family benefits. A pledge already made in 2017 that he says will help fight fraud.

Inheritance rights

Like all other presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron wants reduce inheritance tax. A theme that has proven to be one of the main topics In the village.

In particular, the candidate wants to increase the direct inheritance benefit from the current 100,000 euros to 150,000 euros. It also undertakes to extend the regime of heirs in a straight line to the children of the spouses. With regard to inheritance through indirect lines, Emmanuel Macron wants to increase the discount to 100,000 euros for small and medium-sized estates.

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