Serial rebalances for Elden Ring Update 1.03 – News

Without going into the details of each of the points listed below, we note the desire to simplify the life of magic enthusiasts, while making combat more boss probably more difficult for everyone. In particular, the developers have limited the power and behavior of Mimic Tear, a player-double summon that is considered especially effective at distracting enemies. The power of frost bestowed by one of the war’s most valuable ashes speedrunners, Freezing Crush, also sees its damage reduced and its explosions slowed down, which could make the current world record (28 minutes and 41 seconds, sorry) obsolete. Other ashes are also subject to the law nerve.

On the other hand, the game should be a little less stingy with blacksmithing stones, absolutely necessary items to increase the power of your weapons, with speed drop increased on some normal enemies and slightly more supplies from merchants at the beginning of the game; however, it does make this chapter of our guide highly recommended if you’re looking to refuel easily. In regards to merchants, and more generally NPCs, the game will now display NPCs crossing over on the world map, just to make them easier to spot when not placed directly next to the benefits site. The quest flow should also be a little less cryptic, with new dialogue for some of them, even with the addition of NPCs.

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