State of play Hogwarts Legacy: follow all the news live

Live State of play Hogwarts Legacy: follow all the news live

Just over a week after an event hosted by Sony and PlayStation to showcase some upcoming games, the Japanese publisher is back with a showcase of a Warner Bros title set in the magical universe of Harry Potter. Sit back and take full advantage of this live stream that will summarize all the announcements for you! We wish you all a great presentation!

PS5 event announced as if by magic

It’s been a long time since there were rumors about the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy movie. ! Not only by fans of JK Rowling, but by all the players on the planet who were fascinated by when the title was announced at the PlayStation 5 Showcase in September 2020. Therefore, it was necessary to be more than patient to hear from him, since 18 months, almost to the day, separate us from this magical revelation. Again, Warner Bros. and Sony are joining forces to take us not on the Hogwarts Express, but on a 20-minute State of Play.

So this event is the perfect opportunity to get some concrete in your mouth. because if we already knew that the game would not be in the program for 2021, then the announcement of a release in 2022 was becoming increasingly vague. Everything is very simple, a little has passed since November gag from ” will be released, will not be released in 2022? what’s going on: exit window, new rumors, official statements, leaks, etc. In short, let’s hope that today’s event is rich in concrete information: in any case, players will be satisfied with consistent gameplay!

Mesmerizing gameplay on PS5?

This Hogwarts legacy in some way the game in the Harry Potter universe that most players have dreamed of. To develop this extraordinary experience, The developers at Avalanche Software took inspiration from some of the boxes of recent years to bring an extraordinary game to life.. At the moment it is difficult to say what will actually be presented during these twenty minutes, but The witty developers of the studio fueled everyone’s impatience two days ago with the help of a small teaser posted on Twitter.

An intriguing way to set us up for today’s event, which should pick up where the teaser left off, that is, in the room of a young student of sorcery in the house of Gryffindor, ready to walk through the corridors and numerous labyrinths of Hogwarts lanes. Indeed, the playing field promises to be as vast as what we’ve seen in the movies, even though it all takes place in a different era (late 1800s, early 1900s), the famous school of magic and its surroundings will become a real open world.

Of the dedicated twenty minutes, 14 of them should be reserved for gameplay and this program is already making us dream of the possibilities of this presentation. For our part, we hope to be able to participate an overview of the lives of these young wizards, which may include great names from the work of J.K. Rowling ! In addition, we can learn a little more about the role of the character that can be created and the type of choice he will have to make because, let me remind you, in the title there will be a system of choice and morality. Same way, magic and how to use it could be an important axis to develop during this presentation! And then, if we can finish with the release date announcement, the climax of the show will definitely be magical! All our expectations can be found here

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