These 11 startups that Open Tourisme Lab is betting on

It is in an international geopolitical context marked by the war in Ukraine that the Open Tourism Lab (OTL) business accelerator, thematic tourism, travel and leisure, has unveiled the new nuggets it will support.

“The moment the sound of cannons is heard at our doors, it may seem easy and ambiguous to be ultimately interested only in the pleasure of people, since that is what we are talking about when we talk about tourism. We think not! These developments should not distract us from our unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable innovation to address the major challenges of climate change.” defend Alain Penchin and Emmanuel Bobin, respectively, Chairman of the Board and CEO of OTL.

Digitization of the tourism sector

Since its inception in 2017, the Open Tourisme Lab has already supported about a hundred start-ups. For this 5th promotion, presented on March 16, the structure (16 people) received 65 files and listened to about twenty startups before choosing 11 of them. with strong development potential ” which will be individually supported and sponsored by Elloha, Channel Manager (booking management software), a Perpignan-based company that also received the 2022 Innovation Award in the engine and tourism development category from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). .

“Sponsoring a promotion is a big responsibility, but it is also an honor. says Bruno Delmas, CEO of Elloha. I don’t doubt for a moment the creativity and determination of this advance and it takes a lot: digitalization in the tourism sector is the universe that moves the most and where there is still work to be done in terms of innovation. »

11 selected companies

  • as a guest (Paris 8th): Booking platform for top hotels at a single price. For 89 euros, each client can enjoy first-class accommodation in one of 130 partner hotels from 3 to 5 stars. Created at the end of 2019, the startup claims to have a responsible and unified approach. “The open tourism lab is a springboard for professionals – hotels, distributors, CSEs – as well as investors from Occitania to know about our offer, in order to accelerate our rollout”, explains Jesson Ober, CEO of As Guest.
  • Workshop Jaco (Montpellier, 34): engine of handicraft activity. The startup sells immersive solutions to young professionals looking for original activities.
  • Citigem (Puteaux, 92), a city walking mobile app with a customizable audio tour.
  • ImageImages (Turs, 37) has been dealing with reception and information since 2016, focusing on the services to be provided to receptionists. “By integrating OTL, we want to be helped to challenge our models, enrich our decisions, move closer to national takeoff, and get closer to Occitania through forging new partnerships,” projects by Fabien Lecuillet, CEO of ImageImages.
  • Kid and trip (Fabregues, 34): rental of baby carriers for parenting activities.
  • My research bag (Nice, 06): 100% personalized territory gamification service for tourism establishments and community housing providers.
  • Prairie (Lyon, 69) launched a mobile app in 2020 in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region to promote local tourism. With this promotional tool for institutions, the startup wants to integrate OTL to speed up its deployment in Occitania before attacking all of France.
  • Territory (Bordeaux, 31): publisher of mapping solutions based on the OpenStreetMap ecosystem. Teritorio positions itself as an ally of institutions, local authorities and travel agencies who want to control the geolocation data of their territories (interactive maps, augmented maps, etc.).
  • Waolo (Quebec, Canada): A joint Franco-Quebec platform for travelers concerned about their influence. In two years, Vaolo has developed a list of over 2,000 properties and claims 6,000 experiences in 71 countries, as well as a community of 150,000 members. In France, Vaolo is partnering with Surroundings, SNCF/IO and Cœur du Sud Ouest. “The acceleration will allow us to establish ourselves in Occitania as a center of social innovation and strengthen business relationships and partnerships with all tourism players in France and Europe.”Jean-Sebastien Noel, CEO of Vaolo, says.
  • Vision R (Montpellier, 34): creating immersive experiences and tools (virtual reality, augmented reality, 360° video, etc.) in tourism, entertainment and education. “The OTL acceleration represents a great opportunity for us to structure our offering and rescale for company growth,” expresses Jérôme Vaselink, president of Vision R.
  • We go green R (Bordeaux, 31) supports tourism enterprises in their ecological transition combined with the marketing of their sustainable tourism offering.