10/10 Conti Groupama-FDJ under construction – News

It was clear on Friday morning at the Conti Groupama-FDJ briefing that Jensen Plowright was to be the team’s sprinter for the Youngster Coast Challenge (1.2U). “In the first races it was a bit difficult to find yourself, whether it was Monsere or Samyn. We knew that we could play with the best in the U23 races, but we had to agree. We did 3 and 4 sprints in Rukfen. We told ourselves that this time we must determine the order to be followed. Jensen was the priority.”explains sporting director Jérôme Gannat clearly.

So Paul Peñue, who had already played his own card several times since the start of the season, did not ask himself the slightest question, sacrificing himself for a teammate who is also his roommate with the arrival of the Aussie in a three-color formation. . “Everything went well, the whole team worked well and we did a good job. I had to quit after the turn, about 300 meters. In the end, we made a hole and I managed to get 2nd place (see rating). It wasn’t the most important thing, but for Jensen it was great. He poured 100 meters, it’s great. It had to work, it works and it’s great”, says the 20-year-old French sprinter. After the finish, Paul Penhoe was completely satisfied. “Doing 1 and 2 is great! The contract is done, it’s great! It’s 10/10”. He may indeed be happy: by following the instructions to the letter, he also managed to prove that he, too, could win if he played his own card. The two-in-one view is especially effective.


Of course, when it came to answering, Jensen Plowright was just as happy as his pilot that day. DirectVeloa few minutes after arrival. “This time it was my turn to play my card and I took the opportunity to put the ball down. It was a good sprint for me. I like it when the race was difficult beforehand, with wind or edges. I love false flat sprints just as much because I’m quite heavy. In any case, we have a very close-knit team, and we showed it.”. And when asked which of the two sprinters is faster, Australian does not allow itself to be destabilized: Arf… I think Paul and I are going as fast as each other. The most important thing is to turn.

Both are convinced that working together as best as possible, without wanting to race individually, will be the best way to score points throughout the season. “We know that we will shift the responsibility for the whole year. If we want to hope that we can win a lot this year, we have to separate the roles and not always drive for the same sprinter.”, says the Frenchman. The effectiveness of clear and transparent tactics was demonstrated this Friday. “He followed my wheel very well, although he rubbed a lot. AGAINSThe fought behind me because some people thought I was going to be the team sprinter, but he took his place.”insists Paul Peño.


During the official ceremony, Paul Penhoet and Jensen Plowright made a great connection and invited their sporting director to join them on the podium. What Jerome Gannat refused, very pleased with the behavior of his people under the sun of the Belgian seaside resort. Because he assures us that everyone followed the instructions and their predestined role. “For Laurence Peaty, it is important that the sprinters run the last kilometer, while Paul had to start from the turn. With a fair wind, he was able to continue his pace and take his place. Before that, we skated all day with Joe (Pidcock) and Reuben (Thompson). We knew it wouldn’t be easy to control, but we wanted to make sure we hit the track together.”.

If the former technician of the Central Committee Etupes is happy, it’s out of the question to light up and recognize his sprinters as the best in the world in the U23 category. Of course, one can hope for what was done this Friday. But caution, wisdom and humility must remain watchwords. “Even if we earn watts in training, the most important thing is to perform in the race. On paper, a very good team, that’s for sure. Now we need to assemble a team”. And make sure everyone excels in their role, race after race. One thing is for sure: Conti Groupama-FDJ will regularly offer several options in case a group arrives. “Paul, we’ve known for a long time that he’s fast. We’ll also find out Jensen’s top speed at home this year.supports Jerome Gunn. If we look at his results last year, he had a lot of places, but not a single win. He said he wants the train because he feels he can win if he gets caught well.”. And he proved it on Belgian roads.

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