Aveyron: hunter injures a pedestrian, mistaking him for a boar

The 35-year-old defendant assumes everything but his shooting error: in December 2019, he mistakes a walker for a wild boar in Kamares Forest. The victim will leave with serious injuries. Yesterday Rodez’s court handed down his verdict.

INBeware, this is not a hunting challenge!”warns prosecutor Olivier Naboulet as he begins his indictment. It must be said that the recent dramatic news about the fatal hunting accident that cost the life of the young Flagnasoise in February is on everyone’s mind. However, the set design of this beat is very similar, the victim on the other hand will come out of it. With a severe injury to the left hand.

The 35-year-old master, who appeared this Wednesday evening in the Rodez judicial court, is calm, gives all the explanations he wants, recalls that, as a good volunteer firefighter, he carried help to his victim, a 47-year-old man, that he knows “for a long time” and to whom he never had enmity. This is a truly unfortunate and unfortunate accident.

“50 kg male boar” in the scope

This Wednesday, December 4, 2019, the wild boar hunt on the forest trails of Kamares comes to an end. The defendant is a “pathfinder” and, unlike the “posters” who do not move, runs after the dogs. Who will “raise” the boar, which the hunter will point to, both eyes are open – he said, and shoot from a 30-06 caliber rifle, the bullets of which have a range of 4 km. The target is 200 yards away, near the creek below. “I correctly identified the animal, the male is about 50 kg, he said during the audition. But after the shooting, I heard screams, I went as quickly as possible to the place where they came from … And I recognize the wounded man.. Emergency services notified a 40-year-old man who was looking for mushrooms claims he has never heard of dogs. His left humerus is broken and a helicopter will take him to the hospital where he will undergo several surgeries.

Too many protocol violations

For the hunter, there is no doubt that the bullet could only ricochet against an obstacle without reaching the walker. The investigations of the investigators and the conclusions of the ballisticians refute the argument set forth later in the prosecutor’s demands. This is indeed a shooting error. “I still don’t understand what could have happened”– calmly repeats the defendant at the board of the court. The President, Sylvia Decrosay, takes over the entire sequence of events. We also point out a number of other errors: no one knew the exact number of hunters on this hunt, it apparently ended by the time of the events, but the batteries ran out in the radios, the hunter who fired did not hear the message. The hunter specifically used his dogs’ GPS collars to guide the hunting party (which is not allowed), used his vehicle to escort those same dogs (which is not allowed), patched the safety of his weapon, and barely kept his equipment in good condition (which is negligent).

He comes from a family of hunters, has been practicing since the age of 15, has never had an accident, often participates in hunts, where he knows the safety rules. However, he admits that they are not always observed, habits and customs often take over. “In all hunting societies, everyone moves around the perimeter”he is defending, his shot came from outside a predetermined area. “Just because everyone hurts doesn’t mean you have to”the president answers.

Impossible Ricochet

In fact, in what remains, there are many approximations. “Just a hunting court”who admits he fired but aimed at the boar. “I regret that he did not say that he may have made a mistake, that he violated an obligation of prudence, that he did not fire– launches the prosecutor. The bullet couldn’t ricochet, why is he locked in something that’s scientifically impossible?”. And to place at the center of his demands a three-year suspension of his hunting license and confiscation of weapons on the basis of the offense of unintentional injury through willful breach of obligations of safety or prudence.

Victim Me Bellin-Rotger of Toulouse bar accuses “impulse shooting, without thinking. All too often, there is a chasm between precise safety rules and practice over time…”. And remember in particular: “We leave the fate of the walkers to chance so that nothing happens to them”. In defense of the defendant, Lucy Kreisels of the Averon bar asserts that her client “does not dispute the version of the facts, this accident severely traumatized him”. But he refers to the division of responsibility with the head of the hunt, who should also have been brought to trial …

The court will sentence the hunter to a fine of 1,500 euros (including 750 euros probation), as well as confiscation of weapons, suspension of a hunting license for two years for unintentional injuries and a fine of 800 euros.

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