Fighting in the center of Mariupol, the encryption of Macron’s program and sixty years of the Evian Accords… Most of this Friday’s news

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Ukraine: Mariupol on the brink, Kyiv still resisting. After more than two weeks of an almost completely sealed siege, Russian soldiers and their separatist allies are now fighting in downtown Mariupol. 48 hours after the theater bombing, the death toll is still unknown as President Zelenskiy reported 130 survivors. In Kyiv (Kyiv), Russian ticks close with difficulty. It is blocked to the east at the level of the city of Brovary. In Lvov, Russian rockets hit an area near the city’s airport on Friday morning. On the negotiating front, the head of the Russian delegation claims to have observed “reconciliation” the positions of the two countries regarding the neutrality of Ukraine and its non-membership in NATO. In front of more than 80,000 people gathered at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin resumed his logoorea, saluting his soldiers, “true blood brothers” in the fight against the “genocide” of Russian speakers. in Ukraine. Joe Biden called Xi Jinping to detail the detrimental economic impact of Chinese aid to Moscow. All information of the day in our direct.

Macron’s program: payment through the menu. It’s hard not to remember Martina Aubry and her iconic phrase about François Hollande during the 2011 socialist primaries. “As my grandmother used to say, when it’s blurry, there’s a wolf.“During a river press conference on Thursday, presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron waited an hour and a half and the first question from a journalist to give details, or rather scraps of information about the cost price”project“. He announced measures of 50 billion euros. Liberation deciphers the funding that the candidate is counting on, which, among other things, provides for 10 billion in savings for the state and another 10 for the communities.

Sixty Years of the Evian Accords: A View from Algiers, “Farewell to Arms and Tears”. Sixty years after the end of the Algerian war, silence still weighs on. While in France the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Evian Accords on 18 March 1962 causes many official celebrations and publications, in Algeria the date is little celebrated. On this side of the Mediterranean, it is more “All Saints’ Red”, the day of the proclamation of November 1, 1954, which is preserved. On that day, the National Liberation Front (FLN) carried out a series of attacks and called on the Algerian people to revolt.

Preliminary ‘moral harassment’ investigation: Former Secretary of State Natalie Elimas denounces ‘harassment’ report. The Paris prosecutor’s office points to this Friday to start a preliminary investigation into the case “moral persecution” against former Secretary of State Natalie Elimas. Friday 11 March, Mediapart It turned out that the General Inspectorate for Higher Education and Research (IGESR), which is responsible for the internal investigation into the activities of the cabinet of the former government member, sent a report to the prosecutor’s office. This administrative investigation was launched in late January following several allegations of harassment by former employees of Natalie Elimas.

Fuel: snail operations and rallies against price spikes. On Friday afternoon, mass operations were carried out in Brittany to protest against rising fuel prices, and the oil depot in Lorient (Morbihan) was unblocked. Public works and agriculture experts deplore the government’s lack of a satisfactory response to rising diesel prices. Remote work, limited speed, train… The International Energy Agency, for its part, has provided some recommendations on mobility and methods to make up for the three million barrels of oil a day coming from Russia that will likely be in short supply since April. .

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Retirement age: big gap between candidates. If it were to be proved that there is still a division between left and right in France, the topic of the retirement age would be easily imposed, as presidential candidates practice a big gap in matter – from Philippe Putou, who advocates a threshold of 55 years for some workers, Emmanuel Macron and Valerie Pecresse, who agree with the maximalist stance of gradually moving the legal retirement age to 65, versus 62 today. Our section has carefully prepared the background of the 2022 presidential election.

End of life: Macron still gets rid of hot potatoes. There is something indecent about always putting off choosing when it comes to end-of-life legislation. It was as if the question boiled down to a vulgar hot potato and that the choices that had to be made always had to be put off until tomorrow. In any case, Emmanuel Macron was able to create this feeling by announcing on Thursday during a press conference at which he presented his program, what he was going to ask “civil agreement” to settle this dispute. Adding that the conclusions of this convention will be subject to “national representation or people”. then the choice is theirs “to go to the end of the path for which they will stand up.” Ticket.

Presidential Election 2022: Browse the programs of twelve candidates by topic. To help voters make their choice, Liberation provides its readers with a daily-updated search engine that allows them to find editorials based on multiple criteria. Our scanner.

In Greece, a Norwegian photographer who campaigns for migrants was arrested on Friday for “espionage and treason”. Whip Brinvest, for helping migrants and criticizing the authorities’ brutal returns to the sea, was arrested this Friday on the island of Lesvos under the pretext that he had photographed Greek Coast Guard vessels. The story of our correspondent in Greece.

Raymond Depardon: “I am a child of decolonization.” What’s wonderful – and a little destabilizing – about Raymond Depardon is that he talks lavishly about himself. Waste of his time, verbose, he gets released in his house on the outskirts of Paris. So far, several exhibitions have been dedicated to him (“La Vita Moderna” at the Milan Triennial “Commune” in Montpellier, but especially “His eye in my hand” at the Institute for the Arab World Around the Independence of Algiers with writer and journalist Kamel Daoud), a stocky and secretive photographer and filmmaker who turns 80 in July, appears to be in Olympic uniform. Service.

Stand-up and sitcoms: our selection of fun games to watch before “Funny”. Streaming on Netflix, Fanny Herrero’s new series follows the journey of four comedians as they try to launch their careers in small theaters. “Libe” looks back on some of its predecessors who have been successful in real life. Critical.

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