For lack of allies, Russia refuses to vote on a UN resolution
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The live broadcast is conducted by Anne Guillard and Marie Slavichek.

  • The Russian army entered the territory of Ukraine exactly three weeks ago and, having advanced on several fronts, lines stabilizedThursday, March 17
  • Ukrainian authorities said Russia on Wednesday destroyed the Drama Theater. Mariupol, in which more than a thousand people took refuge, including many children. The bomb shelter that housed the civilians was not destroyed, according to two Ukrainian MPs, who add that most of the people who were refugees there are fine.
  • Deadly Russian military attacks continued across Ukraine. The wreckage of a rocket shot down above Kyiv On Thursday, at least one person died and three were injured. Russian forces are still attempting to encircle the capital and have intensified shelling of residential areas since the beginning of the week, killing at least six people.
  • Despite Russian bombing and fighting, negotiations between Kiev and Moscow continue, Wednesday. Several Russian officials have floated the idea that Ukraine’s neutrality, along the lines of Sweden or Austria, could be a compromise, which Kyiv rejected because it would not bring benefits. “absolute security guarantees” home country in the event of an attack.
  • The Bundestag gives a standing ovation to Volodymyr Zelensky. The President of Ukraine called on Germany to tear down the new “wall” erected in Europe against freedom after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He deplored the close economic relations established in recent years between Berlin and Moscow, especially in the energy sector. These projects are led by Germany and Russia, “this was the cement for the new wall”. He recalled that Germany hesitated when it came to imposing some of the toughest sanctions against Russia, fearing it would hurt the German economy.
  • Russia says it has satisfied the $117 million lawsuit. The first tranche of interest on bonds worth $117 million (€106 million) has already been paid, the Russian Finance Ministry said. The payment deadline was March 16, and Russia missed it, raising fears of an early default. This was the first deadline in the series, the rest are expected in March and April.
  • Joe Biden told the President of the Russian Federation on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin that he is a “war criminal”. The President of the United States has confirmed sending $800 million (the equivalent of €725 million) in additional military aid to Ukraine. A little earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky challenged him and asked him to establish a no-fly zone over his country. Biden believes that such a move would be too serious an escalation.
  • almost 700 civilians were killed according to the UN, more than 1,110 people have been injured since the start of the war. Since these figures are very difficult to verify, especially when there is still fighting or bombing on the ground, the UN insists that its daily reports are likely far below reality.

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