Hidden jobs, thefts from cars, damaged plantations… Briefly about the various facts of Nièvre

The case of hidden work was recorded by the inspectors of Ursaf (Union for the Recovery of Social Contributions and Family Benefits) on Tuesday, March 15, when checking the participants of the exhibition. Violation leads to regularization.

The situation of twenty-seven employees and self-employed was checked. Prior to the opening of the fair, the exhibitors received a letter reminding them of their obligations related to social legislation.

No internet because of the war in Ukraine?

Does Nièvre suffer indirectly from the consequences of the war in Ukraine? A resident of the Mayor and other Nivernais? – deprived of the Internet by the KA-SAT satellite from the first day of the Russian invasion. “Since Thursday, February 24, thousands of individuals and legal entities in Europe have not been working. More and more elements point to satellite sabotage in connection with the Ukrainian conflict,” explains Le Monde newspaper in an article published on Tuesday, March 8, on its website.

“Our supplier Viasat has informed us that the partial interruption of service to its KA-SAT satellite could be the result of a cyberattack,” says Nordnet, the provider of access to Internet user Mhère. “In the depths of Morvan, we were the first collateral casualties of the conflict,” ironically a surfer from Nivernais.

Theft of six cars in Varennes-Vozelles and Magny-Cours

Backpack, laptop, bank cards, cash, checks, personal items… were stolen from six parked cars. In the car park of a restaurant in Varennes-Vozelle and in the car park of a hotel in Magny-Cours. These trailer thefts took place at noon on Thursday, March 17th.

Blismes Elementary School closed due to Covid-19

Blismes Primary School is the only school in the former Burgundy closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, according to the Dijon Academy’s latest weekly report from Thursday 17 March. Fourteen classes no longer accept students in the department, where 257 students are infected with the virus.

Saved from suicide in Nevers

Police rescued a desperate man who was about to jump from the top of the Loire bridge on Tuesday, March 15. As soon as they arrived, the officials managed to knock him to the ground. The firemen took care of him.

Partially burnt car in Nevers

The car, stolen the day before, was found partially burnt on Thursday, March 17, at the cul-de-sac de la Grippe. Both front seats burned out and the ceiling melted.

Burnt out van in Garchisy

On Thursday, March 17, a burning Renault Trafic was found on a municipal road. Its four tires have been flat since December.

Theft of phytosanitary products in Garchi

Phytosanitary products were stolen from the warehouses of the Aksereal agricultural cooperative. The gendarmerie was notified of the theft on Thursday 17 March.

Skidder caught fire in Brassy

The loader caught fire on Thursday, March 17, on a forest road. He is destroyed.

Diesel theft in Corbigny…

450 liters of diesel fuel were stolen from two tanks of agricultural machinery on Wednesday, March 16, in one of the farms. The fence was cut.

…then stealing the tool

Tools and various items were stolen from outbuildings and the yard of a residential building. The thief climbed over the gate to hand over his package, found on Wednesday, March 16.

Damaged plantations in Premiere

degraded plantations. Information stands about stolen walkers. The path of La Coulée verte was the destination of strangers. The gendarmes were notified on Wednesday 16 March.

Jewelry stolen from La Fermeté

Jewelry disappeared from the house where the thief broke open the bay window. The curse was discovered on Wednesday, March 16th.

More batteries and car radios in Cosne-sur-Loire

The battery and radio of a parked car were stolen on the night of Monday March 14 to Tuesday March 15 after the door was broken into. The tank was also pumped out.

Siphon reservoir in Chevroche

They pumped out the tank of a construction vehicle. The thieves took 300 liters of fuel with them. The gendarmes were notified on Tuesday 15 March.

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