Samsung The Frame 55″ TV at an unbeatable price!

As part of the sale on Rue du Commerce, the price of the Samsung The Frame QLED TV with a diagonal of 55 inches has dropped to 869 euros. Combined with an ODR of 200 euros, this reaches an unbeatable price of 669 euros. A golden deal not to be missed!

Samsung 4K QLED TVs are renowned for their picture and sound quality. If there’s a model that stands out in particular, it’s the Samsung The Frame, which, in addition to being a connected TV, also turns into a table when you’re not using it. Today it is just the subject of a good plan on Rue du Commerce, which displays it at a price of 869 euros during a quick sale. This is a great price, considering that last Black Friday it cost around 1000 euros.

Take advantage of the offer

In addition, you can reduce its price a little more. Samsung really offers offer of deferred reimbursement in the amount of 200 euros. The latter is valid until April 25, 2022. To use it, there is nothing easier. After your purchase has been made, you must compile your file by following the instructions in the offer form. If you meet all the conditions, you will receive a refund of 200 euros by bank transfer within 4 weeks. As a result, Samsung The Frame TV costs 669 euros. Compared to the many features and specifications it offers, this is truly a great deal.

Samsung The Frame: where entertainment meets art

The Frame is unmistakably different from a Samsung TV. Designed to combine art with entertainment, its stunning design will transform your interior. Specialized features allow it to fit into any room. Among them, we can, for example, point out the Ambient+ mode, which makes it disappear, ingeniously reproducing the patterns and color of your wall. There is also a dedicated Art Store where you can find a collection of art. For enthusiasts, a subscription is also available, giving access to an exceptional collection of works, photographs, from classical to contemporary style.

In addition, the Auto Curation mode offers art recommendations based on your preferences and the content you watch, and keeps you updated on the latest and most popular works. Samsung The Frame also has built-in motion detection, which allows you to automatically turn on the screen when you are nearby to display the last selected work. The latter also turns off when you leave the room for optimal energy savings. The artistic part is over, now let’s move on to the entertainment part.

Thus, Samsung The Frame is a connected 4K QLED TV with a diagonal of 55 inches (139 cm) and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It runs the proprietary Tyzen OS system. It’s not Android or Google TV, but the essentials are there. In particular, with an application store that brings together the most popular of them. We think of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and the indispensable YouTube. As for the display, we’re on a 100Hz panel, which allows us to use a 4K/120 FPS combo. Because yes, out of the 4 HDMI ports, one is certified 2.1. So great news for PS5 and Xbox Series X players to have a great time. There are also two USB ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Among the built-in technologies, we can mention 4K Upscaling, which theoretically allows you to convert the contents of a Full HD source to 4K. Multi View mode allows you to view 2 content at the same time, splitting the screen vertically. Or even the Tap View feature, which allows you to share all the content you have on your smartphone or tablet with a simple tap anywhere on your TV. In terms of sound, this Samsung The Frame is equipped with four Dolby audio speakers delivering a total output of 40W. More than enough for everyday use. However, if you think that’s not enough, there’s nothing stopping you from equipping yourself with a TV soundbar. Its universal solar remote control is charged by indoor lighting or via USB.

As you may have guessed, the Samsung The Frame is a TV that offers all the major features expected in 2022, with a bit more artistic flair that sets it apart from traditional models. So many important features and technological innovations, especially at this very low price of 669 euros. To find out about the offer on QLED 4K Samsung The Frame TV, click here:

Take advantage of the offer

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