Sentencing begins for Thomas Cameron’s killer

The person who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on July 8, 2021 cannot be identified as proceedings are being held at the juvenile division.

It must be shown that his moral guilt was equivalent to that of an adult at the time of the events. […] The second criterion is to see the potential for rehabilitation: will the juvenile sentence be long enough to provide rehabilitation that will protect society for the long term?Kim Dingman, the defense attorney, explains to me.

If he receives a punishment at an adult level, then it will be a prison term for life, so for life. […] If he receives a juvenile term, then for a minor he will receive a maximum of seven years in prison, of which the first four years are in real closed custody, and the last three are on parole.she said.

A three-day trial is scheduled, during which, in particular, the killer’s grandmother and the victim’s mother are to be heard.

Thomas’ mother, Karin Cameron, will read the five-page letter on Thursday. I speak [dans la lettre] since I heard the news, I’m talking about Thomas, how I feel for almost three yearsshe said.

This is a very important step because it has been in progress for three years now. It will cover “how he died” so I can focus more on his mourning, just. »

Quote from Karin Cameron, mother of Thomas Cameron

This is the only opportunity to declare myself as the family of the victim, for more than two years I have been thinking about what I will say to the judgeadds the grieving mother.

According to her, the killer of her son should be tried as an adult. Sentence jeunesse, this is about three or four years, two years of observation, which means it will be released in a year, one and a half, two years. For me it is illogical and irresponsible. This is disrespectful to society, my family and Thomas., she said. She also points out that if he is tried as an adult, he will be followed for life.

The body of Thomas Cameron was found in a park in Sherbrooke.

Photo: Facebook/Karyn Cameron

Psychiatrist Martin Gignac was the first to be called to court on Wednesday. A doctor was assigned to examine the defendants at the Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry in Montreal in August 2021. He mentioned that the 20-year-old killer received medication for post-traumatic shock that occurred after the murder. events that he shoots today.

There are not so many young people committing murders. It is difficult to compare statistically. But in young people who have experienced or generated violence, PTSD is very common.stressed Dr. Gignac.

The doctor mentioned that there was nothing to indicate psychosis or mental illness. The diagnosis, he explains, indicated intoxication, since the accused had used speed and a stimulant derivative.

It can change how we react impulsively […] These substances play a role in the inhibitory ability. People will have a greater propensity to commit acts that would have been restrained at other times.he analyzes.

Photo of Thomas Cameron and ribbons hanging from the fence.

Multi-colored ribbons were hung on the fence in the Parc Adrian-Cambronne in memory of Thomas Cameron shortly after his assassination.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Katie LaRouche

Loss of control after seeing a knife

According to him, during the examination, the teenager did not contradict the facts that took place in August 2019. He mentioned that he was defensive when Thomas Cameron pulled out a knife to show it, although he did not show any aggression. The doctor added that the killer had been bullied in the past, causing him to see negative intentions in others before confirming them.

The accused was surprised. He took it as an attack. Analyzing the event in relation to consumption, we interpret gestures differently. […] He confesses that he lost control of himself and stabbed him several times. There are contextual elements about how the defendant may have felt, how he reacted.

He confesses that he saw black, that he lost control of himself. He was cruel and angry. »

Quote from Martin Gignac, psychiatrist

Thomas Cameron, 18, was found dead in Adrien Cambron Park in east Sherbrooke in August 2019. His death shocked society.

According to Rene-Charles Quirion

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