Solidarity Ukraine: when educators organize the collection of equipment

Since Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine on February 24, the surge of solidarity has been in full swing. The teachers were not left out. At the initiative of nurses, medical equipment was sent to Ukraine across associative structures.

Fifty pallets of medical equipment have already been sent to Nancy, and twenty more will be sent soon through the Civil Protection Service. © DR

In eastern France, the historical ties that bind Nancy to Poland and Ukraine partly explain this movement of solidarity on the part of caregivers and individuals.

Within a few days, a collection of health products was organized with delivery at the entrance to the vaccination center.

class actions

As President of the Departmental Council of the Order of Nurses, I have encouraged caregivers to donate.explains Thierry Pechet, liberal nurse (idel) and manager of a vaccination center in Nancy. In urban medicine, we have a lot of unused prescriptions, and the Idels in their practice also have a supply of products and materials that can be donated. »

The nurse also reached out to chairmen of other orders (physicians, pharmacists, midwives and physiotherapists) who had joined the movement.

The National Union of Registered Public Nurses (Unidel) is also behind the shipment of pallets to Ukraine. ” It all started with a conversation with Unidel ″Nord″, says President Marieke Motto. A member asked us if we had any information about fundraising, so we decided to organize an action. »

In Rhône-Alpes, she contacted the President of the Regional Union of Medical Professionals (URPS) Nurses and together they decided to act. ” After asking several associations, I turned to the Civil Protection. “, – she says, having clarified, having discussed with the regional manager how to organize the collection.

Marieke Deviz first identified Unidel members who agreed to collect donations to send to the department’s civil protection collection points.

She then listed health products that could be donated. ” I passed all this information to the ERPS, who then informed all the nurses in the region by e-mail. “, she emphasizes.

Pallets to Poland

Bandages, compresses, bandages, gloves, infusions, splints, kits, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, ECG, wheelchairs: everything that can be used in wartime is collected, except for medicines.

Diapers, milk, and baby games were also requested, and high-protein dietary supplements were taken. “ The material was provided to us both by Idel and by the hospital nurses, who relayed the message to their management.welcomes Thierry Pesce. We have collected donations from public and private entities, home hospitalizations and service providers. »

And add: They also contacted private individuals. Some keep the material at home and do not hesitate to distribute it. This required more vigilance and careful sorting, especially to check expiration dates. »

Many medical professionals have volunteered to work on classifying the material in the boxes.

50 pallets of medical equipment have already been sent to Nancy, and 20 more will be sent soon through Civil Protection, which is taking them to Poland and then to Ukraine.

We are confident that the first deliveries have arrived at their destination the nurse says, admitting that she didn’t expect to collect so much material.

In the Rhone-Alpes, the first convoy left at the beginning of March, and again there is equipment for the second convoy. ” It is important for us to participateMarike Motto admits. We all have unused equipment in our closets, how long it serves in wartime. If such a situation arose in our country, we would be very happy if other countries came to our aid. We can imagine how helpless Ukrainians are in the face of what is happening to them, and it is nice to know that we can provide our support, especially since this situation is frightening. »

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