the mystery of repetition, 22 years later

For a long time, David Rameau cultivated his front side. This is a man stable “. One ” good father of the family “, but” loving husband ” as well as ” cultured person you can always rely on Until one day in the spring of 2018, the tails of this 45-year-old bus driver from Hauts-de-France took over, causing irreparable damage. And to reveal this personality trait, which he still tried to drown out, hide from loved ones, despite the great responsibility. .. 22 years of pretending, 22 years of denial.

His life, seemingly laced with simplicity and stability in the commune of Vambreschi, in the metropolis of Lille, is dark on April 30, 2018, when he was charged with the murder, rape and kidnapping of a minor under the age of 15. Three days earlier, the man confessed in detail to Lille police investigators who were looking for 12-year-old Angelique Six, who had been missing since April 25. ” No, but let me tell you everything. It was I who kidnapped little Angelica. I raped her, I strangled her, she’s in Kenua “, – he told the police during the arrest.

Caught up in his impulses

This Wednesday, April 25, 2018, David Ramo goes on vacation. He travels to Lille to make some purchases, including bandaged wooden planks, to solve “ [ses] erection problems “He will justify himself to the investigators – a problem: his wife will deny several times during the investigation. Back at home, the 40-year-old rushes to test the capsules while drinking several beers. At the same time, groups of children and teenagers are playing games in a park in the Agrippina area, a few hundred meters from his house.

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At the end of the day, around 4:15 pm, a forty-year-old leaves the house and meets little Angelica Six, who is still playing in the playground. He recognizes her. The little girl and her family lived in the same building as David Rameau two years ago, before he moved a little further into the mansion. Her son also goes to the same college as her. He will tell the investigators that when he met her, he felt a sudden excitement, an urge, telling himself that he ” I will do[t] a lot with her “. He invites Angelica Six to come to his house, pretending that he wants to give her a gift for her parents.

A confident young teenager follows him. Another child, who was in the park at the time, is watching and will later confirm to the police that they noticed that Angélique was following the man of her own accord. While the victim’s older sister, Anais, confessed during her testimony that her younger sister, who was found to be mentally handicapped, was both fearful and vulnerable, adding that she would not follow a stranger, but would easily follow a person whom she knew, even a little.

Found through his past

The next day, the search for the child is undertaken. Pathfinder dogs are well behaved on Rue David Rameau, but these early studies were inconclusive.

On April 28, 2018, three days after little Angelica disappeared, the bus driver was arrested at the end of his tour of duty and then placed in police custody. His past betrayed him. His name came from research into the Automated Sexual or Violent Criminal Record Registry (Fijaisv). The man is known to the police for acts of indecent assault and rape with a weapon against a minor under the age of 15, committed in 1994. He served a prison term from 1996 to 2000 before disappearing from police and justice radar until today April 2018.

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From the very first questions from the police, David Ramo confesses everything and quickly indicates exactly where Angelica Six is. On April 29, at one in the morning, investigators found the lifeless body of a girl hidden under a pile of foliage and blackberries in the forest of Quenois-sur-Deule. She is naked and covered in bruises and scratches. An autopsy confirms death by strangulation, preceded by rape. Various investigations allow to confirm the detailed confessions of David Rameau.

What social and legal support?

From the trial, which will take place from 16 to 19 November in the Northern Jury in Douai, nothing special is expected, given the exhaustive testimony of the defendants, confirmed by the police investigation. However, many hope unravel the mystery of Ramo “. Yves Crespin, lawyer for the association l’Enfant bleu, the civil party in the case of little Angelica, points to an unusual criminal move. ” Today it is difficult to explain that this person could lie for twenty years without committing the slightest offense of the same nature as in 1996, and suddenly go crazy… “, he considers.

The case highlights the delicate issue of socio-legal and psychological prosecution of perpetrators of sexual violence. If David Rameau did not have a medical order in 1996 when he was first convicted, it was mainly because the law providing for it did not yet exist. But questions remain about his follow-up after his release from prison. ” It is regrettable that when he was released on bail in 1996, there was no obligation to seek treatment, to consider therapy.says Yves Crespin. Further observation might allow him, perhaps, to realize the act he had committed, the shortcomings that existed in him. »

Weighed down by a troubled past as a delinquent, characterized by numerous thefts in his youth, then a criminal, David Rameau will nevertheless find a certain stability in his life, at least at first glance. After leaving prison in the early 2000s, the man married and had two children. His wife Letizia, who is in the process of divorcing, will tell investigators in Angelica’s case that she knew the reason for his first imprisonment, with some truths. He told her that it was a consensual relationship with a minor who gave the impression of someone who had been “practicing” for over 12 years. All of David Rameau’s relatives interviewed by investigators seemed to know about his prison past, but few knew the reasons. Whether due to lack of curiosity, or because the 40-year-old man systematically omitted the most important elements.

“criminological danger”

However, in his intimate life, David Rameau apparently often cultivated his attraction to underage young girls. Exploitation of his mobile phone as well as his computer revealed the presence of child pornography videos. The doctor who conducted his psychiatric examination also concluded that there was no interrogation after his first conviction for rape. Thus, it refers to criminological danger “some of David Rameau and recommends, this time, an injunction under socio-judicial supervision” especially strict and narrow.

In the aftermath of the riots, the murder of Angelica Six by a man already convicted of rape has revived the debate about how to access Fijais, in particular for municipalities and private companies. David Ramo was a bus driver and probably interacted regularly with the children. At the time, Secretary of State for Child Protection Adrien Taquet announced the implementation of a plan to combat violence against children, including 22 measures, some of which were to strengthen the automated forensic record of perpetrators of sexual or violent crimes.

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Since then, the links between the justice system and the main institutions working with children have been strengthened, in particular with the control of staff through the B2 criminal record check, which includes all judicial convictions and administrative sanctions, and fijaisw. . This applies to the national centers for education, leisure and sports, as well as the Children’s Social Assistance (ASE). For communities and private companies, discussions are still ongoing.

We ask for easier access to Fijaisv for companies and communities that work in collaboration with children, this is importantexplains Yves Crespin.​This will better prevent relapses. The jurist acknowledges, however, that apart from Fijaisv, the issue of social-judicial control remains important. In pre-trial detention since his indictment on April 30, 2018, David Rameau has risked his life for the murder, repeated rape and kidnapping of a minor under the age of 15.

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