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Since the launch of Samsung Electronics’ brand new portable display at CES 2022, Freestyle has received rave reviews for being as versatile and flexible as the product’s name suggests. Freestyle offers one-of-a-kind technology that can be used anywhere, anytime, depending on the user’s lifestyle, preferences and personal style.

Samsung Newsroom has prepared a guide showing how Freestyle goes beyond conventional projectors and delivers truly immersive entertainment.

1. Bigger, better: scalable displays for every size home

When it comes to your TV screen, bigger is better. But what if you live in a small space? Now Freestyle makes streaming to the big screen easier than ever, no matter how much space you have. Enjoy watching content on a large screen (up to 100 inches) anytime, anywhere. With the Zoom & Move function, you can resize the projected image by up to 50% and move the screen without moving the projector.

Sports fans definitely need a big screen. With The Freestyle, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of a game day, even if you are not there in person – just invite your friends and support your favorite team, enjoying The Freestyle’s big screen and high-quality sound, as if you were at the game. You can enhance your viewing experience for everything from sports commentary to remote concerts and nature documentaries.

There are often days when you miss your family’s home. Why not take a trip down memory lane by viewing your family photo albums using The Freestyle’s mirroring feature for Android and iOS devices? With smartphone mirroring, you can even call friends and family via video call on the big screen. Light up your wall with heartfelt memories and stay in touch with your loved ones even when you’re far away.

2. Travel far, travel light: portable displays are ideal for outdoor use.

If you want to travel outdoors in comfort and style, Freestyle is a must have in your bag. With its compact size and a minimum weight of only 830 grams, this portable projector is very easy to store. With The Freestyle you can create your own space to watch content anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

What to do if you are watching your favorite movie at home and suddenly have to leave the house? As long as you take The Freestyle with you, you can continue watching the movie from where you left off to a new location. Whether at a friend’s house, at a hotel abroad, or even on the go, it’s now easier, faster and more convenient than ever to stream your favorite content as if you were at home. Using the Tap View feature of the SmartThings app on your smartphone, simply connect The Freestyle to your mobile device to access the precise user interface of your Samsung Smart TV.

There is nothing better than enjoying a cool summer evening watching movies in the garden or camping. Whether you’re creating memories with your kids or hanging out with friends, The Freestyle can turn any campsite into a movie theater – no screen required. Just use one side of the tent for a bright and clear view. No campfire? No problem. Design a fireplace video for a cozy night under the stars.

3. Find your favorite place: entertainment anywhere in your home

Even if you enjoy staying at home, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to watching everything in one place. Watch a movie with your family in the living room, then take The Freestyle with you whenever you want to watch something in the bedroom. Designed for portability, Freestyle automatically adjusts level, focus and keystone the moment you press the power button for quick and easy setup.

Freestyle also rotates freely 180 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect position without moving the projector. Easily change the angle to display content anywhere in your home, whether it’s on a wall, ceiling, floor, or table. You can also turn the device on and off using just your voice, so this is perfect for when you’re ready to fall asleep. You can ask questions, listen to music, or open apps easily with voice commands.

If you enjoy decorating your home, you can also create an atmosphere in your room with The Freestyle. Even if you don’t have a white screen or a transparent wall, you can still enhance your space with lighting effects, illustrations, and more. Create your own unique home interior by projecting something onto curtains or blinds, adding style and personality to your living space.

4. Party Life: customizable features worthy of attention

Whether you’re a holiday party planner or a weekend planner, if you’re looking to host an event, The Freestyle has features worth celebrating. When not used as a spotlight, the Freestyle has an ambient lighting mode that allows you to personalize the space with mood lighting effects. Instead of using a sign, you can use Freestyle to instantly create a photo booth for your party. Stream your favorite playlist through The Freestyle speakerphone and turn your meeting into an evening you’ll never forget.

With high sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity, the Freestyle is a great choice for listening to music at your next party. Comparable to high-performance portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, powerful built-in Freestyle speakers produce rich 360-degree sound, so you can enjoy immersive sound wherever you sit. By playing on screen with your favorite artist, you can quickly turn your living room into your own concert hall.

Freestyle also offers a variety of colors that give users the freedom to express their unique style down to the smallest detail. It’s easy to enhance the look of your projector with all-occasion soft protective rubber cases such as Rose Flower, Forest Green, Coyote Beige and more.

Freestyle goes beyond the capabilities of conventional devices, giving you the freedom to personalize and use content where, when and how you want. This ultra-portable smart TV projector combines high-quality visuals and immersive audio to provide a complete entertainment experience. Transform your space and express yourself with The Freestyle’s endless possibilities, designed with your lifestyle in mind.

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