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The race for the 400 millionth Expresso has begun.

This is a big step that will soon become apparent at Winamax: 400 million expressos have been played since July 11, 2013, when the legendary Sit & Go jackpot hit our tables. Of course, we invite you to celebrate with us: we have won 301 special Lingots jackpots, which regularly hit the last straight line up to 400 million. All the lucky ones that land on the precious metals table are rewarded and the winnings are multiplied according to the number of games you play. The race has already begun, the counter does not stop spinning: a good fifty bars have fallen since Wednesday. Record growth so far? €8,500 won by tossukaria at the €25 table. An amount that probably pales in comparison to what awaits the winner at the 400 million table: the jackpot can grow up to 5,000 times!

Sunday SurpriseThe dean of our Sunday tournaments has also prepared a small (big) gift to celebrate the success of his little Expresso cousin: €3,000 tickets with which the winner will hunt down the next bar at the price(s) of his choice. All this, of course, in addition to his share of the six-figure prize pool.

Road to seriesOnly two weekends left before the return of the Winamax Series… You still have some time to stock up on ammo. Every night, some of our biggest regular tournaments turn into Road to…. More than 300 tickets for the most anticipated events of the festival are distributed daily. As the former prime minister said: the road is straight, but the slope is steep.

Vinamax seriesHa, by the way: they just introduced the visual universe, the program too …

Road to 4 million…and you’ll find the 4 Million Event KOs feature prominently here. The biggest online tournament of the quarter returns from April 3, but everyone will remember from Sunday: more than 800 tickets can be collected for Sunday Surprise, After Work, Tea Time or La Fièvre. On this occasion, they are also renamed “Road to …”. Paths that you, of course, prefer to go on a skateboard.

Master of the main event by knockoutOn Sunday, the Main Event dons the Master KO suit. Translation: Only one day 1 is scheduled for Sunday, but with late registration extended until 20:36 the next day, and the winner will be celebrated on Tuesday evening, who will go to bed with most of the €200,000 loot. .

HPE MadridIn the midst of this avalanche of online advertising, it’s out of the question to forget that live life has started up again with a vengeance within a few months. But online is where your journey begins at Winamax Poker Open Madrid (May 5-15, 2022), our first hardcore festival since 2019. of 4 packages to the main event (21:15, 10 euros) or tease the pros on the high roller (at the same time, entry 125 euros).

Romain Lewis EPT PragueWhile we tell you that live everything is back to normal: the pros of Team W have resumed their sharp collection of trophies. EPT Prague MVP? Possibly Romain Lewis, finalist of two side events, one of which ended in front of the photographers, with a trophy in his hand and smiling. winner on the face. Or could it be Adrian Mateos, who was seen sitting at the last table of the festival’s two most expensive tournaments? Meanwhile, the Main Event of the first post-Covid EPT drew a compact crowd, with more than 1,100 people registering, including one Grzegorz Głowny, an online qualifier who managed to raise his stack to four blinds. Thus, the Pole did not steal his reward of 692,252 euros, negotiated during the deal between the last four players. Our correspondents have been there all week: they tell you. (Photo: Thomas Stacha, PokerStars)

Stream Banda WindaBack online with a nice trio of streamers lined up on Winamax TV by Coach PonceP on the scoresheet for the next three nights: Top Shark Academy winner _Winda, his former competitor (but friend nonetheless) BigZoowAAp, and finally Juaniitoooo (and his nice hat) .

Seen on TV

A high-stakes cash game in its original version with subtitles, untranslatable bad beats, poker grammar revisions with PonceP, and a touch that has entered the game literature: on Winamax TV, the language of cards and tokens is decidedly polyphonic. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck at the tables!

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