Alexis Brunel: “I want a title! ” – News

Alexis Brunel is accustomed to seeing his teammates win from the start of the season. But this time he directly contributed to one of them during the Bredene Koksijde Classic (1.Pro) in Belgium, where the German Pascal Ackermann won the sprint (see rating). “This is another victory for the team, this is crazy! I think we are already 19! This win puts Pascal (Ackermann) back on track as he hasn’t won in a while, which is cool. For my part, I protected and accommodated all day, I did everything I could for him.. The scores on the Nordic side are good: the Emirati WorldTeam has indeed already achieved 19 successes with no less than eight different riders.


For his part, the only “Frenchman” in the team is gradually getting used to the team, which he did not suspect last winter. “I did not expect this! But I think it’s well deserved. I’m very happy. Everything goes well. The team does not put pressure on me. Actually it’s me, perhaps too much on my side. Either way, it’s a team that pulls you up because everyone walks and you want to do the same.”it refers to DirectVelo. Highly motivated by the idea of ​​making a strong impression at the first races of the year, in recent weeks he was concerned about Covid-19 and could not run betweenEcanvases of Bessezh and Paris-Nice. “I was supposed to participate in the Tour of Murcia, Almeria and the Tour of the Algarve, but I tested positive for Covid. It was very difficult for me. I haven’t touched the bike for ten days and at this time of the season it hurts. It was difficult for me to go back, but I still believed that it would do. After that, I broke power records pretty quickly… I was almost surprised, but in the end, during Paris-Nice, I had a negative reaction. I didn’t move at all.”.

Thus, during “Race to the sun”, he decided to put an end to the ordeal on the evening of stage five in the Ardèche, which was won by his American teammate Brandon McNulty. I explained that this is not how it happened and we decided to change the training plans. To be honest, I didn’t have legs and I needed to move on.”. Now Alexis Brunel is better and he also aspired to the de Denena Grand Prix. “I walked very well there, I was great on the cobbles, I stood well, but there was a fall that bothered me”. And made him lose all hope of success in the final.


Although Alexis Brunel is growing in the XXL team, he intends to speak his mind during the season. “It will depend on the nature of the race and what we are going to do. Today (Friday) it is quite obvious that we were following Pascal, so I was not going to break away. Yesterday (Thursday) at Denain, I didn’t see myself going into the lead because I wanted to win. I think I will suffer less but if I want to keep winning races this is probably not the solution. The gaps are getting smaller and smaller, in general, and very rarely reach the end.recalls the former stage winner atEToile de Besseges for his professional debut in 2020.

In the coming weeks, he should host the classics he loves so much from the youth categories: the E3 Grand Prix, Ghent-Wevelgem or even Paris-Roubaix are in his program. Before moving on to the second half of the season and a meeting that will be close to his heart: the French Championship against the clock. “This year, definitely, I want the title! Every year I get closer. In scratch, when I was still an amateur, I did 17, then 13. Then I finished 7th two years ago and 3rd last year. At the moment I haven’t had time to work on it yet, but I know it won’t take me long to get my bearings. We will rework the position on the bike and reshape a lot. Championship, you have to go for victory”he insists. As for a possible participation in the Grand Tour or even in the Tour de France with Tadej Pogacar? “It would be great, especially since this year the Tour really returns home to Calais. It would be oufissime » because I know the roads by heart. It should only happen once in a lifetime, like this at home, it would be so great.”. But Alexis Brunel is also aware that the seats will be very expensive, and does not say that he is against participating in another Grand Tour, and why not the Tour of Italy.

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