B. Ba’s fiancee surprised her husband with total antics, the scene shocks more than one

The forest of Malikunda Bambara was the scene of a bloody fight between two spouses last Friday. The deceived husband had a violent fight with his wife B. Ba and her lover, whom he caught having sex.

On Friday, February 25, 2022, a crime of passion miraculously escaped in Malikunda Bambara (Mbur). That day, around 7 pm, Lady B. Ba, who had left her marital home in Thies the previous year to live with her parents in Malikunda Bambara, arranged to meet her lover S. Diop in the local forest. So, on board his car, as agreed, S. Diop, the development agent of the hydraulics department, is ahead of his beloved in the indicated place. And in the dark, he patiently waits for the arrival of his girlfriend B. Ba.

Unfortunately, the latter, who soon joins her lover in his car parked in the woods, passed by, unaware of it, her husband, Gallo Ba, who had come from Thies to visit their son, who had been ill for some time. time. . Dumbfounded by the behavior of his wife, with whom he has not gotten along for a year, Gallo decides to discreetly follow her. In the darkness, Gallo Ba stands in the corner, carefully watching the actions of his wife, who, once in the car of her lover, Salum Diop, begins to kiss him. Only if she wants to have sex in the car, her husband, who has not missed anything from the stage, throws a rage.

Armed with a brick, he smashes it against the windshield of an opponent’s car. Thinking that he is dealing with a mentally handicapped man who has appeared out of nowhere, Salum Diop, who will later claim to the investigators of the Malikund Gendarmerie Brigade that he never knew of his girlfriend being married, will attempt to fight back “his attacker”. And the two men fight without mercy, hurting each other. And to prevent the worst, B. Ba uses his vocal cords to warn the rushing population. Taking advantage of the intervention of the inhabitants of Malikunda, Salum Diop returns to the board of his car and takes the tangent. Leaving behind Gallo Ba and his wife B. Ba who continue to fight.

If there is a medical certificate of temporary disability (ITT) for 18 days for the driver Gallo Ba and for 12 days for his wife B. Ba, the spouses file a complaint for mutual intentional blows and bodily harm. Before investigators, B. Ba, who lost her mobile phone, which she forgot in her lover’s car, will claim that she was never surprised by a husband with a man. She will claim that it was during the time she was shopping for her mother that her husband Gallo Ba, who came to inquire about their child’s health, followed her through the woods before attacking her.

False claims that will be refuted by the gendarmes, who, as part of their investigation, arrested her lover Salum Diop, in whose car the lady’s mobile phone will be found. Heard Salum Diop, a development agent in hydraulics, admits to having a romantic relationship with B. Ba for a year. Only he points out that he never knew she was married. She always made him believe that she was divorced. Following the expiration of the statutory period of police custody, B. Ba, her husband Gallo Ba and her lover Saloum Diop were transferred to the Mbour prosecutor’s office on charges of assault and assault.

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