Cholet Basket to play Dijon, three passes to Pau, Strasbourg and Le Portel recover

Several matches were played on behalf of the 23rd day of Betclic ELITE this Saturday. Cholet Basket made a splash by winning at JDA Dijon (80-87). At the same time, Alan Béarne signed for a third straight win over BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque (87-82). In the race to save Champagne Basket collapsed on the floor of SIG Strasbourg (99-85) and Le Portel had a great operation of the evening, winning in Orléans (71-76).

Duo Makoundou – Artis Curves JDA Dijon

Winning ASVEL last week, JDA Dijon lost this Saturday to Cholet (80-87). Having hooked at the beginning of the game (20-28, 10′), Nenad Markovic’s wards pulled away during the game. If trio Dominic Artis (22 points) – Yoan Makundu (22 points and 10 rebounds) – Peter Jock (9 points and 3 rebounds) allowed the wards of Laurent Vila to take the lead by the break (41-46, 20 ‘), the Burgundians could also often rest on Hadin Carrington very effective (19 points and 6 rebounds) to keep contact.

Defending more aggressively, Nenad Markovic’s men took control for the first time in the match, thanks in part to a very good pass Rashard Kelly (20 points and 10 rebounds). With ten minutes left, the JDA regained a slight lead in points (60-59, 30 minutes). Despite Dijon’s excellent reaction at the end of the third quarter, Cholete did not panic and relied on a very good address (11/26 from three-pointers and 28/28 from free throws) to succeed. Cholet Basket was hit hard, offering to save precious race success (80-87).

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Elan Bearne manages a three-out pass against BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque

After two wins in a row, Elan Bearne wanted to continue to gain momentum. This Saturday night, Eric Bartecheky’s men managed a three-point pass, winning against BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque (87-82). Despite a difficult start to the match (24-26, 10′), Palua, led by a great duo of interiors Vitalis Chicoco (10 points and 5 rebounds) – Hamadi Ndiaye (11 points and 3 rebounds) managed to reverse the trend and take the break lead (47-46, 20′).

The crossover continued after returning from the locker room. The Palois took advantage of Gravelinois’ indiscipline and relied on efficiency Brandon Jefferson (19 points and 7 assists) and Jovan Oniange (14 points and 3 rebounds) keep the lead (67-66, 30′). Even John Jenkins (23 points and 4 rebounds) allowed BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque to stay in the game until the end, Elan Bearne did not flinch and offered himself a third success in a row (87-82).

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Strasbourg promotes some more champagne basket

On Wednesday night, the revanchist Strasbourg club, having narrowly lost to Monaco, hosted the Champagne Basket at the Rhenus on Saturday night. After ten very tense first minutes (23-18) Lassi Tuovi’s charges could count on a very good duet. Jordan Howard (25 points and 3 rebounds) – Matt Mitchell (13 points and 4 rebounds) and took the lead after a controversial first period (52-47, 20′).

Restrained in the first half Leopold Cavalier (17 points and 5 rebounds) allowed his team to maintain the advantage. Despite the excellent performance Michael Stockton (14 points and 9 assists) in his first game for the Marne, Champagne Basket failed to close the gap and was 9 points behind with ten minutes left (73-64, 30′). Thanks to a controlled last quarter, Lassi Tuovi’s men logically won (99-85), having achieved the second success in a row. With this new defeat, Champagne Basket is in the relegation zone.

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Le Portel breathes dominating Orléans

In this key match in the race to save the victory in Orleans was won by the wards of Eric Girard (71-76). After a very good start (17-23, 10 min.) Portelois closed the distance in this first act thanks to efficiency Devin Davis (15 points and 4 rebounds). Germain Castano’s men kept and stayed in the game thanks to their omnipresence Yusu Ndoe (12 points and 2 rebounds). By the break, Le Portel maintained a two-point lead (34-36, 20′).

Returning from the locker room, Germain Castano’s men returned to the court with much better intentions. Thanks to a 7-0 score against the northerners, OLB regained control in this match (43-38, 25′). After a good Benoît Mangin (9 points), the Portelos reacted immediately and restored the distance ten minutes before the end (54-61, 30′). Cohesive and efficient in the final ten minutes, the stellists secured precious race success to save (71-76).

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