Community management in the world of entertainment

It has been almost 2 years since the crisis began to spread around the world, and with it the feeling of having to live with it. Many professions have been directly affected, both positively and, unfortunately, negatively from a business point of view.

Among them, web vacancies succeeded without changing their methods. Recruitment is still possible in many sectors using the Internet or digital technologies in the broadest sense of the word. Community management is one of them, the field of which has literally exploded in recent months; entertainment.

So the two can be brought together to position themselves better because working in entertainment community management remains enjoyable in many ways. Entertainment has always worked very well and even more so in the last 2 years.

Entertainment: a safe haven in times of crisis

People play, have fun in their own way and surf the Internet more and more as a distraction from everyday life. With the breakthrough of new technologies and Metavers in particular, it’s safe to say that things will continue to evolve.

Video games: they include single player home games as well as multiplayer games and free mobile games that also have millions of users around the world.

Money games: They attract more and more people and offer several destinations where there are real ambassadors. Among them are online casinos offering a range of gambling games from the start. But there are also popular gambling games such as poker, blackjack or even slot machines that work very well and are of great interest to players who love to bet.

Online betting applications: We are also discovering more and more mobile applications for online betting, mainly in the field of horse racing and all sports. It is also a form of entertainment where money plays a central role.

That online betting apps

on YouTube or TikTok : They offer entertainment and any form of content that offers moments of relaxation to Internet users, and they are doing well in homes today. Some have communities of several million subscribers, and the crisis has greatly favored their development.

Everything is an excuse to forget what we’re going through and thus offer ourselves a good escape. If many players were able to, and we were able to foresee the return of entertainment, then the leadership of the community had a hand in this. This has allowed many companies and industries to make themselves known and/or increase their online visibility.

Thus, in order to survive the crisis and make a name for itself, entertainment takes several forms, and therefore it is very important to take the opportunity to contact the community manager. manage your brand and social media services.

Entertainment Community Management

Community management aims to generate visibility for a brand or company through social networks. The Community Manager will be the pilot and thus manage the various communities that will be linked to the social networks.

In this way, it will attract Internet users to the broadcast content by offering them competitions, meetings and other activities that generate interest.

Entertainment Community Management

If in start of community management we talked a lot about CM that he was a social media playing profile, we can say that today he is rather inclined to invite others to play and have fun. In the field of entertainment, it will take its place and should be very active and accessible to its members.

It is important for him to create a connection, to be proactive and to respond quickly, especially in the online video game sector and areas where it is important to quickly answer a problem.

Online entertainment sectors

To get an idea of ​​the different universes or quadrants we can target, here are four lines of thought, knowing that anything can be fun. Thus, a community manager can target this sector more when looking for a job or as part of supporting a freelance community manager.

Companies in a broad sense

Even in professional and serious companies that are looking to break the codes or the rigidity of their communication, entertainment has its place! Think EDF and the web series featuring Eric Judor.

If EDF remains a serious institution, then it may well play itself against the backdrop of entertainment. Rejuvenating its image and cracking codes are aspects that are bearing fruit at institutions like EDF. The same is true for any company wishing to reach out to a younger audience and make those consumers the future prescription drugs. Entertainment is a win-win for engaging youth through social media.

video games

With the advent of Next-Gen consoles in the midst of a crisis, video games could not go unnoticed in the entertainment world. The Sony PS5 or XBOX Series X delights gamers looking for a world that flirts with photorealism when the Nintendo Switch offers a nomadic lifestyle and exclusive games made by the Japanese firm.

video games

When it comes to massively multiplayer games or free to play mobile games, the fun is in full swing here too, and community management plays a real role for many players, regardless of platform.

money games

Online casinos or more specifically poker, blackjack and slots, there is something for everyone. Although this sector is highly regulated, it continues to grow and attract more and more players around the world. 2 levers are very present here; entertainment, of course, but also the lure of benefits.


Many influencers work on entertainment content, and while not all of them have an agent contract, some of them do have opportunities. Ensuring their online presence on the one hand, as well as making them known on other channels can be a big help to their image and the visibility they seek.


If entertainment continues to grow, this is a good sign for the community manager profession, who will see it as an opportunity to position themselves in the job market and put their creativity to good use. He will be able to attract communities that he will manage for different companies, brands, video game publishers or online gambling. On this last point, we turn to balanced and regulated community governance.

Thus, community management can be practiced with any type of company, once a web and social media presence is established. Even among influencers, there are maps because not all of them can deliver content on all media platforms.

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