Consumption and entertainment patterns during the crisis

The crisis has hit a large number of companies and players from all walks of life hard. Restaurants, the world of entertainment and entertainment, and tourism in the broadest sense have been the first victims of this pandemic.

The collateral damage caused by this crisis has unfortunately put a number of businesses in a precarious position, causing many of them to file for bankruptcy. How certain sectors have been able to take advantage of this to rediscover themselves and increase their visibility.

Entertainment, wellness, training and escape in line !

Yes successive births created problems for people, many used it to have fun in different ways and even maintain their figure. A sedentary lifestyle obliges, the crisis did not help to keep in shape, but rather contributed to weight gain. Damage is also due to the real explosion of home delivery food! Unfortunately, it is more focused on fast food.

So this crisis has revealed new ways to relax, keep fit and consume in new ways, as you will see in several areas below:

Entertainment with online games, video games and multiplayer

entertainment took pride of place, at least, online games in all their manifestations. Video games have taken the place of gambling, in particular online casinos with virtual slot machines, as was the case with established players such as the Sisters of Oz WowPot slot or online poker games.

A universe well designed elsewhere where it is important for a community manager to know how to promote gambling in community management?

Fun with online games and multiplayer

So the community manager also had a very great community management work due to peaks in website and social media traffic over the past few months. Maintaining a commitment to the cause, constantly disseminating information and maintaining a sometimes very lively exchange of opinions, the CMs hardly rested.

Multiplayer has become popular in games like Fortnite, many FPS or even Rocket League.

Smartphone games have also become a huge entertainment for many people.

Wellness through video

welfare it has also seen its rise in popularity and a resurgence of internet dominance thanks to video tutorials hosted by gyms. It is also the influencers, Youtubeurs and Youtubeuses who have taken advantage of this momentum to promote their activities and make themselves known to the general public.

If they offer free online courses, this is still an opportunity for them to get a lot of subscribers and partially fund their activities through advertising.

Wellness through video

Other influencers have also taken advantage of these moments of confinement to expand their audience and partner directly with players in the world of sports impacted by Covid. Thus, it was a period of role redistribution and change of many structures in order not to lose contact with their clients.

Online coaching

A broad but fashionable profession in recent years, coaching also allowed to develop during the crisis thanks to the Internet. Allowing remote coaching sessions for those who have asked for it has helped make the role more visible and answer many of the fears and concerns isolated people face.

Say what you like, but the crisis plunged many people into isolation, fear, psychosis and various forms, which also required treatment or supervision by psychologists. However, several forms of coaching can play a role in a variety of situations where people need to regain their confidence and let go of their justified fears.

Online coaching

The Internet has thus experienced rapid growth of connections, which led to a decrease in the speed and professions affected by these problems, as, for example, in the case of online learning. Many people have had to make do with minimal flow to follow their courses.

Escape or tourism at home!

Vacation deprivation, was undoubtedly one of the greatest trials that had to be endured during the crisis, and in particular for many French people. But that hasn’t stopped the people of Île-de-France from fleeing the other way and living in the company of their brethren on the other side of the world, through exchanges around cultures.

A way to get acquainted in an entertaining way with the life of our neighbors. An axis where YouTubers and influencers were supposed to bounce back quickly. Some have even moved into digital roles. Yes tourism has been hit hardhe managed to slip into the entertainment industry for many months, but to the detriment of the big players and airlines as well.


We could also mention fast food, which has survived this explosion since the crisis began, and restaurants that knew or were able to take advantage of this to avoid the worst. Many application publishers, including video conferencing solutions, have taken full and indirect advantage of this crisis.

The consequences and impacts associated with this crisis have radically pushed people to move to the Internet and to all possible forms of online entertainment. A great opportunity for players like Facebook, which is launching Meta and therefore virtual universes (metaverses) where anyone can invent a new life without leaving home.

Here is how the crisis has disrupted our consumer habits through a few of the points touched upon here. The best or the worst is yet to come.

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