Hyena wants to create a large play complex: five things to remember about this project

In a territory where young people leave and rarely return after studying or starting a professional career, the offer of entertainment facilities is an absolute must. “This is really what is missing in the territory” insists Francis Cammal, mayor of Hyena.

The latest project to date, the idea of ​​a large play complex, was launched at the end of 2021 by a group of five people, including four residents of Gennoy. Guillaume Angebeau, the fifth protagonist, already has plans, approximately 1800 sq.

Location of the complex

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The team wants to build a building in La Bosserie commercial areanorth of Hyena, by the first half of 2023.

Scheduled Games

Three playgrounds will be offered from 0 to 3 years old, from 4 to 12 years old and for teenagers, in particular with trampolines. The battle plan also includes the creation bowling alley with six lanesAnd laser game organized in a maze area of ​​160 square meters.

Two quest rooms for four players will be added to this offer with a 4D effect provided by virtual reality headsetsbut moving floor and one wind effect. Three billiards would complete everything, with a bar and a “cozy” area for parents equipped with Wi-Fi.

Project leaders

Guillaume Angebeau says he met with his sister, brother-in-law and a couple of friends to organize the project. These forties hail from Maine and Loire. and points out that he keeps BTS cold and air conditioned by Erespace de Chôlet. He elaborates that he worked as a researcher for a company in Angers for twenty years.

Project desired by the municipality

Received several times by Francis Kammal, including last Thursday, he indicates that the latter was “very pleased with the project.” The city council member confirms that these exchanges were aimed at finding land solutions as well as carriers who can fund this project. The municipality qualifies the latter as “serious”.

financial skepticism

You have to drive 40 kilometers before you find a quest, a laser game, or this type of playground.. This is really a request from the people of Gien,” supports Guillaume Angebo.

The desire is confirmed by the answers to the question that the man asked in the Facebook group “To live in solidarity!” two weeks ago. He then offered crowdfunding before withdrawing it. after netizens pointed out to him that the project was neither detailed nor even explained. “I will bring it back online with more details,” he concedes.

The project is estimated at 2.2 million euros

Money, tendons of war. The total envelope for such a project is estimated at 2.2 million euros. Guillaume Angebault indicates, for his part, that two banks are ready to follow him by 1.7 million euros.

He is looking for investors to complete with 500,000 euros. “This is the only thing that blocks. We are in contact with a broker who could arrange for this 500,000 euros not to be needed,” he adds.

Francis Kammal says he is ready to unblock the situation in terms of land acquisition if all else comes to fruition.

“Once their funding plan is complete, we will accompany them and find solutions on the ground base. We should have about 100,000 euros per surface. It’s not prohibited. If tomorrow there is something that blocks the project, we will find solutions. I really want to see this type of activity for our territory and for our youth.”

Francis Kammal (Mayor Hyena)

To this Guillaume Angebeau gives his chief moral guarantee: “We’re all in the project and we won’t let go.” Deal.

Thomas Derays

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