Peugeot EnergySaw-J18V test: accurate and well-equipped jigsaw

Like most jigsaws intended for the general public, the Peugeot EnergySaw J18V has a stirrup handle. This format gives good grip. Like all products of the French brand, it is made in yellow and black in an unusual angular design. The finish is great, the plastic looks solid. Too bad the handle doesn’t drop lower at the front of the tool for better support.

The trigger is particularly wide, allowing you to activate it with your middle and ring fingers to reduce fatigue. To activate a trigger, you must press another switch; this avoids impromptu activations and improves security. However, this makes it difficult to maintain a constant speed during long and difficult cuts. The protection around the blade is quite limited. Only a small metal bar restricts access to it. Some competitors offer a small plastic cover to improve safety.

Blade replacement is done, as is often the case now, without tools. The movement is reminiscent of the Skil 3420 DA. You must climb up the plastic ring to insert or remove the blade. Please note that the Peugeot machine can be equipped with T, U or L shaped blades. The steering wheel keeps the blade perfectly in line for precise cuts. Accuracy is definitely there thanks to several sighting marks. The EnergySaw comes with a plastic guide that attaches to the front of the sole. The LED effectively illuminates the cutting area.

The built-in fan EnergySaw J18V allows you to remove sawdust. However, when using the included splinter guard, sawdust tends to accumulate without finding an outlet. This masks the cut mark and may cause it to deviate from the cut line. The jigsaw comes with an accessory for connecting the suction system. It removes the finest dust, but does not remove all the resulting sawdust. Finally, the EnergySaw comes with a parallel guide that attaches to the soleplate, which is very handy for straight cuts such as on a countertop.

Peugeot EnergyuSaw J18V supports four cutting angles. To change the orientation of the sole, simply pull the small lever located on the right. A very simple and practical mechanism to use, which eliminates the need to take a hex wrench with you.

A 2.2 kg jigsaw with a 2 Ah battery makes it an average machine, as does its weight without battery (1.8 kg). However, this type of tool is required to be used primarily to support the material it is cutting. Weight is not the most important criterion.

Cordless tools from the Peugeot EnergyHub range run on 18V batteries without a charge indicator. The LEDs provided for this are offset on the instruments themselves. Here, the location of the LEDs, under the handle, does not make decoding much easier.

Peugeot EnergySaw J18V with a stroke of 23 mm, repeated at a maximum frequency of 2700 times per minute, can cut 100 mm of wood. This makes it one of the most inexpensive cars in the consumer segment of our comparison.

However, we were left somewhat unsatisfied during our tests. The French jigsaw provides optimal performance when cutting thin and soft materials such as melamine and plywood, as long as it cuts straight. Curved cuts are more delicate, especially when working with melamine and oak, a harder wood.

Pendulum mode, which simulates the movement of a hand saw, can be adjusted to 3 positions. This speeds up straight cuts at the cost of cutting precision and more splinters around the cut line. With oak thicker than 50mm, the Peugeot EnergySaw J18V shows signs of weakness.

Metal cutting is done without any problems with the appropriate blade. However, it should not be too thick.

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