Pockmarked Face Killer: The Must-Read Article for All About This Murder and Serial Rape Case

Former gendarme François Verov, who admitted in a letter to being a serial killer and rapist nicknamed “Grele”, committed suicide in Garda this week. He has been wanted since the 1980s. An extraordinary case from 35 years ago that La Dépêche du Midi summarizes for you.

“Friendly” person, “quite responsive” and involved in local life. This is the face depicted by François Verovet in Prades-les-Lezes in Hérault. In fact, this former police officer was a rapist and serial killer, suspected of six rapes and four murders between 1983 and 1997. Investigators followed his trail for 35 years. A man committed suicide this week in an apartment in Grau-du-Roi in Gard. The case was the oldest “unsolved case” in France.

Justice searched for 35 years for the culprit of six rapes and four murders committed in the 80s and 90s. This man was suspected of the murder and rape of 11-year-old Cecile Bloch on May 5, 1986 in Paris; the death of Gilles Politi, a 38-year-old Air France mechanic, and the death of Irmgard Müller, a 20-year-old German au pair, on April 29, 1987, still in Paris. He would have been the author of the murder of Karine Leroy, aged 19, who disappeared on her way to secondary school on 9 June 1994 in Beauval in the Seine-et-Marne. He is also credited with six other rapes committed between 1986 and 1994.

For 35 years, justice had only a composite portrait and a DNA trail, until the criminal gang tightened the noose on Francois Verov. This 59-year-old former military man was called to the police station on September 29 and had to give a DNA sample, like 750 gendarmes before him.

Nicknamed “Le Grelay”, he ended his life in a rented house in the Gros-du-Roi in Gard.

It was in this house in Le Grau-du-Roi that François Verov committed suicide.
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  • What do we know about this person?

François Verov was a gendarme from 1983 to 1988 in the cavalry of the Republican Guard. He then joined the National Police. He was a biker, a member of a mining crew, or a union representative. Retiring for a few years after a motorcycle accident on the job, he bought a large architect’s house in Prades-les-Lezes, north of Montpellier. It was integrated into the municipal council from 2019 to 2020. He then moved to La Grande Motte. François Verovet is married, the father of a family, and has grandchildren.

pseudonym François Verovet "hail".

François Verov, pseudonym “Le Grelay”.
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François Verovet and his family lived in this house in La Grande Motte.

François Verovet and his family lived in this house in La Grande Motte.
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  • Why are we so sure he’s a serial killer?

Before committing suicide with drugs, François Verov left a posthumous letter. He admits that he is “le Grele”, a man who has been hunted for 35 years. He explains that he “didn’t have a good life”, triggers “impulses” associated with his childhood, and that he “took charge” since 1997 after meeting his wife and having children. He also explains that he chose death to avoid spattering his family and to protect them.

The identity of “Grele” was confirmed by DNA samples. DNA traces that investigators had since the 1980s were matched against a sample taken from the remains of François Verov. They match. This confirms the identity of the serial killer.

“This is a big criminal case 36 [quai des Ordèvres, NDLR] that the crime has not been solved. Several times we thought we had found the culprit, but no, ”rejoices Frederic Pechenar, the former big boss of the police institution.

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  • Who were his victims?

Cecile Bloch, an 11-year-old girl, was found dead in 1986 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Her body was hidden under a carpet in the technical room of the house where she lived. The girl was raped, stabbed and strangled. It was the testimony of half-brother Cecile, who met “Le Grele” in the elevator, that made it possible to establish a composite portrait. Cecile’s father, Jean-Pierre, was from Cahors, where he worked as a welfare inspector. Until his death in 2011, he was obsessed with this obsession: who killed Cecile, his daughter. In 2004 he told Sending : “No one is burying the case. No one. Even if I disappear.”

Cecile Bloch was killed at the age of 11.

Cecile Bloch was killed at the age of 11.
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Gilles Politi, an Air France mechanic, was found dead on April 29, 1987 in the Marais quarter of Paris. He is naked, bound, his arms and legs are tied behind his back. Cigarette burns are marked on his body, and there are cuts at the level of the neck. He died of suffocation.

Irmgard Müller, a young German au pair, found in the same apartment. A young woman is undressed, bound, gagged, her arms tied crosswise to a child’s bunk bed. Hours before, she had had consensual sex with her killer, according to the autopsy. She died of suffocation.

ingridAn 11-year-old girl was abducted while cycling in Essonne in 1994. She was found raped tied to a radiator in an abandoned farmhouse.

Karin Leroy, missing three days earlier, was found on 12 June 1994 at Meaux in the Seine-et-Marne. She has a rope around her neck

  • Will this discovery lead to further investigations?

A judicial investigation has been launched into “the rape of a minor at the age of 15, murder, attempted murder, theft with a weapon, the use of false quality and the kidnapping and confiscation of a minor at the age of 15,” said Paris prosecutor Laure Becco. Despite the death of François Verov, the case is not closed. Now investigators are reconstructing his criminal history.

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