Return of the DLC: Multiplayer, Endless Mode, release date… Summing up

Game news Return of the DLC: Multiplayer, Endless Mode, release date… Summing up

It was one of the pleasant surprises of the latest State of Play: Returnal, a first-person roguelite signed by Housemarque is set to welcome generous free DLC, including a multiplayer mode. A long-awaited new frontier for this demanding shooter, where the slightest mistake can “lose” several hours of play. To find out how this add-on can make a difference, here is all the information about it.


First the most important information: update Returnal Ascension will release on March 22, 2022 for free on PlayStation 5., since TPS is a Sony exclusive (Housemarque, the developer of the title, was even acquired by a Japanese company in June 2021). In other words, if you already own Returnal, you don’t have to pay a dime or go to the PS Store to enjoy it. The download should start automatically unless your console is configured otherwise. We don’t yet know the exact weight of the DLC, which should remain reasonable. The game weighed in at a “small” 56 GB when it was released.


Returnal Ascension core add-on (in addition to the second game mode, which we’ll detail below) appearance of online multiplayer mode for two players. Yes, you can call a second Selena if you feel the need. To take advantage of this, you first need to enter the Chronosis Portal – for example, it is at the beginning of the game, near the crash site – where you can create or join a public loop. Of course, there is also the option to create a private game to play with a friend. “After connecting to your session, Selena from another timeline will join” writing as well as Housemark. For the entire adventure, the studio is also talking about “new levels, bosses and objects.”

The second game mode is called Tower of Sisyphus, conceived as infinite. The idea is very simple: climb as high as possible in the building and face the difficulties locked inside. Each phase of the tower ends with an encounter with Algos – probably the big boss – and the latter’s power will grow as you climb. Thus, this game mode is based on the challenge and overcoming oneself, as well as on the score. Sisyphus Tower even has a score multiplier that decreases if you take damage or are idle. Housemarque finally mentions “optional routes”, “secrets” and even “unpublished narrative content” in the tower, which allows us to understand the heroine’s mysterious past a little more.

Multiplayer is an important addition to this update and deserves special attention. “In co-op mode, the game works similarly to single player,” writes Housemarque. With the difference that if two satellites move too far apart, “snapping” will return them to the same place. Furthermore, if one of the players falls in battle, you can revive him (but it takes some time). The studio also clarifies that this mutual assistance can be both permanent and one-time. Like Dark Souls, for example, Returnal now allows you to summon a friend at certain points – the famous Chronosis portals – to defeat a difficult boss. In this case, it is the host part that will benefit from the progress. However, two players will save the scouting logs in the same way as the xenoglyphs. The more you help other people, the higher your scout rank will increase. There are no details about this rank yet.


Unfortunately yes. In one of the images posted on the PlayStation Blog, Housemarque makes it clear that “Online multiplayer requires a PlayStation Plus subscription”. We remind you that this is a service that allows you to take advantage of the online features of many games, as well as a set of PS4-PS5 games offered every month. Sony offers until March 13 decline 25% off for 12 months on PS Plus.


Without a doubt, yes. The Return is a demanding game that can be very difficult and a bit frustrating at times. multiplayer is clearly a good time to dive into it again.. In addition, this add-on remains well thought out, without being the easiest game mode possible, thanks to help that can be activated constantly or only when deemed necessary. Not to mention the Tower of Sisyphus, which can be a real test for those who have already completed The Return. All with new story elements.

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