Saturday Yasina Waisha

Saturday actor Yasin Waisha: Eat once, read to lose track of time, and work on your biceps.

“Saturday is a day to see family and catch up. I was a rebel, and others were never at home, ”admits actor Yassin Waich (30).

Ensor, the Flemish film prize, will be awarded this weekend and he is nominated in the Best Actor in a Television Series category for his role as Smile in Grond (The Soil or La Bonne Terre), which will be available soon. on Netflix. “For me, this series is a dream come true combined with a unique adventure. Yes, Flanders is not Hollywood, but in my heart this experience has brought me incredible enrichment. Part of the team I worked with became my family. I have long admired directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah because they have opened many doors for young Flemings of foreign origin. And Ward Kerremans, who plays the role of my best friend, also became one in life.

After a rocky adolescence, the actor in the making landed a role on a Ketnet series before breaking through with Grond, De Kraak and Lost Baggage. “Acting has saved me. This is my passion. Cherry on the cake: Ensor nomination!”

6:00 am. – “When I haven’t spent the night on set, I try to get up before dawn for meditative prayer: this is a time of mindfulness and spirituality.”

6:05 – “I drink three espressos in a row: I’m awake! I do not have breakfast. I try to be content with one meal a day: hunger keeps me awake. As soon as I eat, I become lazy.”

7:00 am. – “After a shower, I read: currently Neil Douglas-Klotz’s Natural Wisdom, a collection of aphorisms, stories, and poems from Zen masters, monks, and Sufis. Reading makes me lose all sense of time.”

9:00 am. – “I have lived in Antwerp and Brussels, but I would never want to live anywhere else but here in Leuven: this is my ecosystem. When the weather is good, I go to the city. Through a combination of books, experience and intuition, I try to live every day as if it were my last. I also tend to be warmer, more compassionate, more tolerant and more loving than before.”

11:30 – “When the weather is nice, I go to Philipssite, where there are bars where I can stretch. When it rains, I stay at home where I have dumbbells. At the age of 25, I decided to play sports just for fun, and not for the result: this changes everything!

14:00 – “I drink a protein shake. When I’m really exhausted, I’ll take a nap after dinner.”

On Saturday, Yassin Waich keeps fit: “I play sports for pleasure, not for the result: this changes everything!”
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3:00 p.m. – “When I don’t have appointments and don’t have to work, I keep reading. I have many books, especially essays such as Trevor Noah’s Born a Criminal, Ray Connolly’s Elvis, biographies of Al Pacino and Nelson Mandela, and Rutger Bregman’s Humanity: An Optimistic Story. When I buy a book, I immediately read it. hypersensitive side.

Favorite city

“I have lived in Antwerp and Brussels, but I would never want to live anywhere but here in Louvain: this is my ecosystem.”


5:00 p.m. – “Today I’m going to the Ensors ceremony at the Kursaal in Ostend where I’m one of the top five nominees in the category ‘Best Performance in a Leading Role in a Television Series’.” Otherwise, usually on Saturday night I go to my parents, who live two blocks from my house. Sometimes we eat a kefta sandwich at the Grill & Service, but most of the time we stay at home. “Sit down,” he says “me mother when I walk in. her kitchen. She cooks steak and fries, stew or spaghetti. Over time, family culture and cuisine have become Belgian-Moroccan.”

7:00 p.m. – “We eat and talk. This family stability is completely new. My mother and father are like the USA and Russia: when I was a teenager, I already discovered that they don’t go together. And I still wonder where their closeness comes from. My father is very strict and my mother is overprotective, but they managed to find a form of peace. They live for their children and I hear them think, “This boy has found his way.” It’s a very secular evening.”

10:00 p.m. – “We drink tea and watch the great horror movie The Voices on Netflix. My mom can’t take it anymore and goes to bed while my dad stays awake for as long as possible.”

00:30 – “I walk home. On Sundays I sometimes get up not so early. This is my day off.”

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