SFR clears 40 channels

SFR is clearing Entertainment and Discovery channels for SFR TV and RED TV subscribers through January 10th. For SFR Box and RED Box subscribers, the exemption also applies to the World, SFR Cinema and Ciné+ packages.

Like every year, SFR clarifies several SFR TV packages (by extension RED TV) for its Box customers.. This year, the operator is highlighting the Entertainment and Discovery package in its SFR TV and RED TV packages (included in SFR Box and RED Box offerings, as well as SFR TV and RED TV options for mobile offerings).

Entertainment and discovery for all SFR TV/RED TV customers

This year, the operator is clearing 40 channels of the Entertainment and Discovery package until January 10, 2022.

Thereby, until January 10, 2022, SFR clears the channels of the Entertainment and Discovery package :

  • 7 exclusive channels: Discovery Channel (Channel 40), Discovery Sciences (Channel 41), Discovery Family (Channel 42), Investigation Discovery (Channel 43), 13eme Rue (Channel 50), SyFy (Channel 51) and E! (channel 52)
  • 9 entertainment channels: MTV (56 channel), MCM (57 channel), AB1 (58 channel), Serie Club (59 channel), GameOne (60 channel), GameOne +1 (61 channel), J-One (63 channel) , BET (channel 64) and Comedy Central (channel 65)
  • 2 main channels: Paris Premier (channel 70) and TVBreizh (channel 73)
  • 4 sports channels: Equidia (119 channel), ES1 (121 channel), AutoMoto channel (125 channel) and OL Play (130 channel)
  • 7 discovery channels: UshuaïaTV (channel 173), Trek (channel 174), HistoireTV (channel 177), All of History (channel 178), Animals (channel 180), Hunting & Fishing (channel 181) and Science&Life TV (channel 182) . )
  • lifestyle channel MyZen TV (channel 187)
  • 12 youth channels: Nickelodeon Junior (Channel 200), Boomerang (Channel 201), Boomerang +1 (Channel 202), TiJi (Channel 203), Nickelodeon (Channel 204), Nickelodeon+1 (Channel 205), Canal J (Channel 210) ) ), Cartoon Network (channel 211), Nickelodeon Teen (channel 212), Boing (channel 213), Toonami (channel 214) and Mangas (channel 231)
  • 2 music channels MTV Hits (channel 250) and TRACE Urban (channel 263)

Channels are not encrypted on SFR TV and RED TV decoders. (as well as decoders supplied by Coriolis) SFR TV 7, SFR TV 8, RED TV and PartnerTV apps. (for Coriolis).

outside, The Entertainment and Discovery package is available as an option on SFR TV and RED TV for €10 per month..

SFR Cinéma, Cine+ and Monde clear bags for SFR Box and RED Box

During the same period, SFR clears several bouquets for SFR Box and RED Box customers only. Thereby, the operator clears the channels of Mezzo, Melody, SFR Cinema, Cine+, African Privilege, Portugal Premium and Turkish packages.

SFR Cinema package (€10/month, €5/month for SFR and RED clients) includes 4 cinema channels with Altice Studio (channel 38), Paramount Channel (channel 160), Paramount Channel (channel 161), TCM Cinema (channel 162) and Action (channel 163). The Cine+ package (€9.99 per month) allows you to watch Canal’s film offer and its 6 channels with Cine+ Premier (ch 146), Cine+ Frisson (ch 147), Cine+ Emotion (ch 148), Cine+ Famiz (ch 149), Cine+ Club (ch 150) and Cine+ Classic (ch 151). Cinema Pass (€13.99 per month) includes Cine+ and Cinema packages (excluding Altice Studio).

The Mezzo package (4 euros per month) allows you to listen to classical music with Mezzo Channels (Channel 260) and Mezzo Live HD (Channel 261). For my 20th birthday channel Melodiya (4.99 euros per month, 1 euro for 1 month) free of charge.

Among the bouquets of the world SFR clarifies African Privilege package (€14.99 per month) with 25 African channels and Films d’Afrique and No video-on-demand services, Portugal Premium package (€9 per month) with 14 Portuguese-language channels (from Portugal and Brazil) and Turkish bouquet (€6.90 per month) with 7 Turkish channels.


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