Top 10 most downloaded entertainment apps of 2021

The entertainment industry has adapted perfectly to new technologies. Easily downloadable applications provide access to a variety of content. By subscription or free of charge, movies, series, clips and other video categories are available on smartphones or tablets.


Millions of people around the world are still downloading various apps to keep up with this new way of following trends. The most popular ones do lead the way, but newer apps are also proving their worth. This top 10 based on Apptopia data in 2021 sums it up for you.

1. Netflix/173 million

The first video-on-demand application continues to grow. For a good reason it was loaded 173 million once in 2021 on all media combined. Yes netflix used so often, it’s because of its very large catalog that stretches from films to television series and documentaries. The platform not only broadcasts exclusive programs. The availability of some iconic movies makes it the perfect platform for movie lovers to watch their favorite movies from any screen. It is more than 213 million users all over the world have access to it for a paid subscription.

2 – YouTube/166 million

The Google-owned platform follows Netflix in this ranking of the most downloaded entertainment apps in 2021. The influence of the world’s leading video hosting site still remains. Every month more 2 billion people use YouTube watch music videos, shows and videos of all kinds. The application is indispensable in the musical field and at a professional level. Original video creators have channels that they update regularly for the enjoyment of visitors who can comment and rate them. It is also considered one of the platforms with a high streaming culture due to its view count culture.

3. Google Play Games / 131 million

Games are a favorite type of entertainment, as evidenced by the interest shown in Google play games. This platform, specially designed for Android game lovers, is a real gaming hub. Users find several games there and can participate in single or multiplayer games. Players can create profiles on Google Play Games and save data related to their games to clouds. The app is also a game development kit that allows you to quickly integrate new features. Google Play Games also offers a ranking of the best games.

4 – Disney+/126 million

Video on demand platform The Walt Disney Company is one of the serious competitors of Netflix. In 2021, her fame skyrocketed after she offered various exclusive programs. These are series based on fantasy universes, the rights to which belong to her. Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and FX turned to serials that are successful all over the world. This explains the fact that the streaming service is becoming more and more in demand. Disney+ also hosts iconic subscription programs. The total number of users is growing rapidly and is currently estimated at 118 million.

5 – Amazon Prime Video/120 million

Just like Netflix and Disney+ Amazon prime video somewhat polarized entertainment in 2021. Platform built by Amazon rounds out the top five with 120 million downloads. Amazon Prime Video is also a video-on-demand service that offers exclusive, signed programming. Premium Original. It also hosts productions from all angles, making its catalog of movies and series even wider. The application is available from smartphones and tablets or from TV screens. Amazon Prime also offers a download service that allows users to watch videos even when offline. Its subscription offer features a free 30-day trial period.

6 – YouTube Kids/91 million

This app, inspired by YouTube, is designed for the little ones. The videos offered on the platform are filtered by algorithms programmed Google. YouTubeKids subject to parental control, which starts from the moment of registration. In particular, the parent must provide information about the age of their child, so that the proposed videos correspond to it. Ideal age to register your child on YouTube Kids: from 4 years to 12 years. The following categories are available: Program, Music, Education and Discovery. Parents can also control the time their children spend on the platform.

7 – HBO Max/73 million

Apps that offer video on demand are undeniably popular in this top ten. HBO Max it is a platform that offers movies, series as well as podcasts. Its contents are exclusive and produced by the parent company. Warner Media, its subsidiaries and partners. Several popular programs including South Park, Rick and Morty, The Big Bang Theory or Doctor Who available there. HBO Max is diversifying, but remains in the streaming space. Sports events are also broadcast live.

8 – Twitch/69 million

It is a streaming platform mainly dedicated to video games. Owned by Amazon since 2014, it can be described as a gaming social network. Gamers can share their games live with viewers on Twitch. The latter interact with the streamer by posting comments, as well as with each other in a reserved chat window. In addition to games, the application broadcasts live esports competitions for all game lovers. It’s not just streamers who win in the app. Viewers are also rewarded with internal programs. Their ranking is based on watch time and interactions.

9 – Hotstar/56 million

This streaming service is from Disney+ India. Therefore, it offers local programs as well as international productions. The Disney+ catalog is fully available there, as well as some HBO programs. Beyond India Hotstar is an exclusive pool of typically Indian works. The service is especially available in Canada, USA, UK and Singapore. As a video-on-demand service, the business model remains the same as that of Netflix and its major competitors.

10. Pluto TV/54 million

Available for USA and Latin America For a while, the streaming service has been established in recent years in several European countries, including France. Catalog Pluto TV varied and available for free, but served with ads. In addition to streaming from several partner TV channels, the app offers video on demand. Users Android and IOS can access it through the application available in the respective stores.

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