Why Koh Lanta is returning on Tuesday and not Friday on TF1

The latest edition, tainted with scams, attracted the worst audience in the entertainment industry. But the program remains an advertising jackpot.

Back to basics. After deceiving several “heroes” and a no-winner final last year, TF1 is looking to restore the image of its flagship entertainment “Ko Lanta” presented by Denis Brongniard. Exit from the stars. This time, the reality show that opens the new season was filmed in the Philippines with anonymous participants.

A detail that hasn’t escaped viewers, the survival game, back on the air this week, isn’t scheduled on Fridays. Like the previous edition of All Stars, the ALP-produced show will air every Tuesday night, despite the criticism the announcement already drew last year. And while last season attracted TF1’s worst entertainment audience in two decades, averaging 4.3 million viewers.

Why does the channel continue to broadcast “Ko Lanta” on Tuesdays again? Simply because, from an economic point of view, the program remains very profitable. In general, the audience’s hearing is reduced effectively. But part of this drop is offset by replays. Taking into account these additional views, the consolidated audience increases by another one million and reaches an average of 5.3 million viewers. Proof that the franchise remains powerful.

Full housewives under 50

More importantly, Koh Lanta continues to fill targets that are valued by advertisers, such as housewives under 50. For a channel that lives off advertising, this is even a jackpot. Example. On December 14, in the midst of a cheating allegation storm, the final show of Ko Lanta: The Legend was heavily replayed with an episode of the detective series. criminal offense in… on France 3. TF1’s entertainment program drew 4.42 million viewers versus France 3’s 5.6 million. criminal offense in

Target audience is growing“, confirms Xavier Gandon, director of television and digital antennas of the TF1 group. Despite the condemnation, the latest version of the survival game had a total of 42% of women in charge of shopping. “Already in 2009, the program was released on Tuesdays and received excellent ratings.“, says the presenter.

As for children who would be less present on a weekday, Xavier Gandon recalls that “outside of Île-de-France, 80 to 90% of students do not go to school on Wednesdays in France.The channel also has a better chance of engaging young people during the week: Fridays are more about walking. The latest Koh Lanta captured 50% of 15-34 year olds anyway and 53% of 4-14 year olds overall.

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97,000 euros gross for 30 seconds of advertising

In March 2019, before a period of self-isolation during which audiences exploded, “Ko Lanta: War of Leaders” airing on Fridays showed a break screen ad at €92,000 gross for 30 seconds. For this new release, the price of the video is 97,000 euros gross for 30 seconds. And advertising screenswell filled“, assures a good connoisseur.

Beyond purely economic considerations, “Ko Lanta’s programming on Tuesday is in line with the structural evolution of the market. “The Tuesday box has long been dedicated to American series such as House, The Mentalist, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, watching Xavier Gandon. With the advent of SVOD platforms, these major series have been replaced by fiction less suitable for prime time display from mainstream channels that aim for broad bundling. In addition, these platforms now store the series they produce. So the channels have less access“. To solve this supply problem, broadcasters have focused on big entertainment and capitalized on the audience’s interest in the genre, which has been resurrected due to the lockdown. It’s no coincidence that France 2 is gearing up to revive MasterChef, the cooking competition abandoned by TF1 in 2015…

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