Anxiety, milk, compliments: Dominique Seu’s three words in the news

These 30-year-olds who survived the Bataclan massacre, the health crisis, imprisonment, and now the war in the center of Europe, will they vote en masse on April 10? And How ? What conclusion can we draw from the press releases of Emmanuel Besnier, the boss of Lactalis, who has long been the most secretive of the CEOs? Which of the French came up with the idea to freeze the foreign assets of the Russian Central Bank? Three answers from Dominic Seuks that can be summed up in three words.


Turning 30 in 2022… it certainly isn’t easy, and we know it when we listen to this generation not necessarily complaining, but rightfully worried. In 2015, she was 23 years old during the attacks in Paris, and besides, she recognized herself in the Bataclan spectators and visitors to the surrounding cafes. In March 2020, she began working from home and is just starting to leave it, as if two years of this period of her life, which is usually the period of the most intense social contacts, have been stolen from her. Today, a war breaks in the news 1200 km from Strasbourg. Without forgetting the main thing: climate stress for decades to come, until the flourishing of the word, environmental anxiety. Of course, 30-year-old French people feel less sorry than Ukrainians, everything is relative, and poverty and pessimism in our country are so second nature that words must be weighed. Of course, other generations are no less concerned. The fact remains that she is in a special situation because she is not yet at the helm of political, economic and media power capable of changing what her life will concretely shape. This is not only in France, but everywhere, and even more so in authoritarian regimes (Russia, China). Will they vote en masse in the presidential election? We’ll see.


The information spread throughout the Salon d’Agriculture, which met for ten days at the Porte de Versailles in Paris: Emmanuel Besnier, the boss of Lactalis, was present almost every day. The “dairy sector”, as they say, was completely turned upside down. For a long time, the CEO of the world’s number 1 dairy company remained cautious, making rare appearances and giving occasional media interviews. The situation has changed because it is simply impossible to achieve a turnover of 22 billion euros and withstand crises without a minimum of visibility. “The truth is that relations with Lactalis today are easier than with Danone, who communicates a lot,” a representative of the breeders’ union let slip during the exhibition to the author of these lines, the manager, who, nevertheless, was very critical there. two years. However, not everything is so obvious: Philippe Palazzi, general manager of Lactalis, left the ship a month ago, apparently because he appreciated the company’s efforts in CSR, social and environmental responsibility.


This is a kind of ceremony that attracts all of Paris. A few days ago, Emmanuel Moulin, Director General of the Treasury in Bercy, was presented by Bruno Le Maire with the insignia of a Knight of the Legion of Honor on the top floor of the imposing Ministry of Economics and Finance. As expected, the business community and the great ministers of the state were well represented … But not only the quality of the two speeches (let’s face it, brilliant) struck the audience. It is the ability of a minister, rather rare for a political leader (it must also be admitted), to give back to Caesar what is his when his employees have good ideas that change history (at least economic history). It was Moulin, then his chief of staff, who first invented the concept of a 300 billion euro package to protect the economy during the Covid crisis with state-guaranteed loans (PGE). Le Maire’s team also easily admits that freezing foreign assets of the Russian Central Bank is, so to speak, an idea suggested by the Bank of France and its governor, Francois Villeroy de Gallo.

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