Capturing his antics or his intimate parts: the time of indiscretion

Some couples like to film what they do most intimately. ” This is voyeurism and nothing more “, – says the sexologist, who remained anonymous. For her, this fashionable practice stems from a sadomasochistic attitude. Amplified by social networks, it is in fashion and in the news. Amateur videos are filmed on a mobile phone or two. They show partners in the middle of sexual intercourse. The peculiarity of these videos in that they are in no way filmed with a hidden camera.The filming tool is held by one of the partners, who shoots from a very compromising angle, thus exposing the private parts of the body and offering “world” scenes of disgusting obscenity.

Today, the fashion for “lomotiv” (a video application that has received an obscene meaning) among young people causes all controversy. Young teenagers began to show off their sexual antics, accessible to the general public, thanks to technological advances. This is a long series of short videos filmed in villas for rent, the main characters of which are still very young.

“Lomotiv” in fashion among young people

A trend that worries Aminata Seie, parent of students: ” our children are lost “. And points to the guilty: Our children are discovering and experiencing the world through a smartphone they are more proficient with than adults. Many parents are helpless. Others have retired, and young people are opening the boulevard with all the ensuing consequences. “This is a worried mother speaking.

According to Le Soleil, two students from a local school starred in one of the most viral videos. The two lovers rented a furnished apartment before filming some very immodest scenes. A friend of the boy in the video wanted to comment on this incident, which shocked the families of the victims. ” At the time, it was a moment of glory, but subsequently the consequences began to crumble and his life changed. When your nakedness is on the phones, it’s something else. recognize this young man. The fate of the girl was more dramatic. ” She suffered because of her pride. She has lost the respect of others and no longer leaves the house. What is happening to him is unbearable. he admits, pitying this reckless friend.

Adults also have a field day

Adults are also subject to this mania for filming their antics. Ndeye Astu (pseudonym), a young lady who lived life to the fullest, had a bitter experience. She lived a charming idyll with a Senegalese living in Western Europe. ” He was a man of admirable gentleness. Being in Senegal, and he in Europe, we liked to talk in the middle of the night, without giving up these or other small erotic pleasures at a distance. I let myself go. When I told him about the marriage, because our relationship was beginning to last, he began to show aggression. the forty-year-old admits. But that was only the beginning.

Tired of waiting, a kind lady informs him of a marriage project with another man to get him in shape: ” As if he expected it. His first suggestion was to tell me this: “I kept all your videos, even though I asked you to delete mine.”“Ndeye Astu is then in shock. She cannot return. To convince her of this, her lover, who did not yet have documents, sent her several videos of their “remote proximity”, which highlighted their intimate places. Like many early victims, she succumbs to blackmail before telling her tyrannical suitor’s sister, who ends up being wise.

Similar misfortunes have also been experienced by public figures, such as a famous dancer, a politician and many other anonymous persons. Families are shattered, lives are shattered, the future is in jeopardy. Other scammers, like this famous “scammer”, did not hesitate to show off their intimate places on social networks. This is the time of indiscretion.

porn sites take advantage

Married couples have fun too, especially those separated by distance. ” My friend keeps doing this with her husband who lives abroad, but I always discourage her. it’s very risky ”, claims Bridget (not her real name), who does not despair of convincing her of the risks involved. ” This is all the more daring since Senegalese porn sites use these videos to feed their content. “, explains Abdurrahmane Li, Information Technology Specialist.

It is clear that these are amateur videos. The big question is how they ended up on these platforms. Maybe when a relationship comes to a disastrous end, what should have been a moment of shared pleasure becomes an element of settling scores. “, he tries to answer his questions. This can turn into blackmail or get into court or the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (Cdp). The press has repeatedly reported these facts.

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