Car VR Entertainment for Passengers on the Blockchain

HTC VIVE and Holoride are collaborating to bring virtual entertainment to car passengers using the VIVE Flow immersive virtual reality glasses and the Holoride immersive platform.

The automotive industry is undoubtedly experiencing a technological renaissance. In fact, this is probably the most devastating transformation since the first automobiles, which changed transportation forever. Modern in-car entertainment does not meet the expectations of passengers or the zeitgeist of the 21st century when it comes to the use of travel time. Being a passenger remains in many cases, yesterday and today, commonplace.

Tech start-up Holoride is expanding the in-car entertainment experience for commuters by turning daily car journeys into thrilling and fun adventures! Holoride technology links the XR with real-time traffic, location and vehicle navigation data. An immersive virtual reality glasses called VIVE Flow is a near-perfect device for entertaining passengers on short or long trips. Weighing only 189g, they are comfortable to wear. With a double hinge design and soft seal, VIVE Flow is easy to put on, take off and fold to a compact size. The glasses provide a cinematic screen for viewing content, be it games, TV shows or movies.

HTC VIVE and Holoride will showcase their finished glasses and in-vehicle VR to select guests at MWC 2022, including a visit to Barcelona. While traveling, passengers will be able to experience Holoride’s “elastic content” that can adapt to vehicle movements so that experiences such as games adapt in real time to route length and type, driving styles and location.

Munich-based Holoride builds the world’s first immersive in-car multimedia platform that processes traffic and location data in real time. In April 2021, Holoride raised €10 million in a series A funding round led by Terranet AB, valuing the company at €30 million. They want to turn everyday driving into a hyper-immersive experience by bringing together automotive data, augmented reality, and Elrond’s blockchain technology. In its 2.5 year founding in 2018, Holoride has partnered with Audi, Porsche, Daimler and Ford, as well as major media companies such as Universal Pictures, Disney and Discovery Channel.

Own cryptocurrency

The startup has created a RIDE token that will power the Holoride partner network, allowing its members to receive the value created. The idea is to build a dynamic and resilient economy for the Holoride ecosystem, connecting carmakers, content creators, brands and passengers and allowing them to profit along the way. It adds the contextual physical reality of the passenger to the equation and allows for an entirely new category of entertainment and mainstream media.

This holoride platform utility token is at the heart of the NFT-based content ecosystem and is built on the Elrond network. RIDE is designed to encourage the use of the platform by providing additional benefits and increasing user engagement. The Elrond blockchain offers over 15,000 transactions per second (TPS) and can scale to hundreds of thousands as needed. More importantly, Elrond offers a range of tools such as a fast WASM virtual machine, a useful RUST framework, and an open SDK that are unparalleled in the blockchain ecosystem, enabling startups and enterprises to integrate native transparency, token economics, and programmable smart technologies. contract logic in your enterprise.

By introducing transparency and aligning economic incentives with all parties involved at the heart of the market model, relationships between users, content creators, advertisers and automakers are being rebuilt. Entertainment will be reimagined with Holoride augmented reality technologies and a first-of-its-kind immersive media platform.

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