Cinema: a film with John Malkovich and Fanny Ardant is being filmed next to Vitre.

John Malkovich and Fanny Ardant are currently shooting the film “Completely Burnt! on a plot in Val d’Ise ©Wikimedia commons

There is an extraordinary excitement in the commune. Val d’Iznear Vitre, for a few days.

Completely burned out ! This title the film is currently in production in an area that the production is trying to keep secret, but which most of the villagers have identified.

This property was chosen for the production of this feature film as the setting.Screen adaptation of the bestseller by Gilles Legardinier.

The writer, whose novel has sold over a million in France and has been published in 17 languages ​​and 22 countries, is going behind the camera for the first time.

Filming will begin on February 24th.

It was on Thursday, February 24, that the director and his entire team started shooting the film produced by Superprod and Bidibul Productions.

First day of shooting. Incredible, thanks to a team as talented as they are warm, and thanks to the huge John Malkovich who makes Andrew Blake exist beyond anything I could imagine.

Director Gilles Legardinier on his Facebook page.

John Malkovich and Fanny Ardant

So, the first name of the casting is known! And what a name, because this is a huge American and French-speaking actor John Malkovichknown for his roles in Teardrop, Dangerous Liaisons, Crosshairs, Wings of Hell, In John Malkovich’s shoes or Exchange.

Next to her we find an equally great actress in the face of Fanny ArdanCaesarized in 1997 for her role in Soft pedal. Taunts, Eight Women, Belle Epoque… The filmography of the owner of one of the most recognizable voices in French cinema is endless.

Video: now on Actu

Emily Dekenn and Philippe Bass

Around these two movie monsters, Gilles Legardinier also shoots actress Emily Decken (Rosetta, Wolf pact, Lose your mind, Not his kind, Goodbye up there…) and the dark Philip Bass, known in particular for his role in the TV series Profiling on TF1.

On the streets of Val d’Ise, this event did not go unnoticed. “This is good news for the city and a source of pride,” said Mayor Bruno Delva, who only became aware of this in January. Since then, it has been in high demand.

We drive to municipal stops every day so they can turn around. They need silence, so we change the movement conditions around the object.

Bruno Delva, mayor of Val d’Ise

It’s not always easy to manage. “We understand that this may be of concern to residents because we are also carrying out work on the next street, but this work was solved long before that! »

“I did not have the opportunity to meet Fanny Ardant”

As for Stéphane Galein, the boss of Festivitré, who supplies the equipment, including production tents, he was “contacted in early February”.

Since February 24, he has been visiting the scene regularly. “But I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Fanny Ardant,” he jokes.

Filming is expected to last about two months. The film is slated for release in 2023.


Tired of a world in which he no longer finds his place, Andrew decides to leave running his company to take a job as a butler in France, the country where he met his wife. Landing at the Beauvilliers estate, he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his past. However, meetings and situations that are out of control will decide otherwise. Between Natalie, his widowed boss with a strange schedule, Odile, a cook and her explosive problems, Manon, a lost young cleaning lady, and Philippe, a prosperous manager living deep in the park, Andrew will no longer have a choice. . Anyone who was looking for a way to end this will be forced to start all over again.

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