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At the Cité des Sciences, this cultural season will be marked by fun and wonder; an opportunity for Universcience to show that in today’s world all roads lead to science. Today for Tesla Magazine I will tell you about my experience.

Cultural season 2021-2022: what is the program?

After several months of confinement, this cultural season passed under the sign of an exchange. It can be seen, and what I appreciated the most. The year was marked by numerous festive events: Quiet and Brilliant Evenings, Mini Maker Faire, as well as Festicités, which offered visitors the pleasure of being and doing together. My children liked it.

On the side of the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, we discovered the physical version of the Jean and Renaissance exhibitions, including
A strongly committed statement calls into question the sustainability of our choice. In the realm of e-LAB, season 2 explores new video game territory,
about their professions, their methods, while the Biolaboratory opens, a new space for mediation.

A program based on science and we love it!

  • ROBOTS: Underneath this evocative yet intriguing title is a permanent interactive exhibit that questions modern robotics. A real challenge, the presentation of seventeen moving robots leads to a better understanding of the science and technology of these machines today. How do they work? What are they for? How do they work today and how will they be in the future? Answers at the end of the exhibition!
  • SEASON 2 VIDEO GAMES e-LAB: Over the past ten years, the world of video games has experienced a major technological upheaval that has changed the way you play. Not to mention the emergence of new platforms: mobile phones, human-machine interfaces, network games, which have many new applications. The second season of e-LAB – “The New Frontier of Video Games” – explores these new “territories” that are in constant development. It is especially important for our children to be educated in this area.
  • “ARGONAUT UNDER THE OCEAN”: A permanent exhibition attached to the submarine “Argonaut” offers an overview of the ocean environment. He reveals the problems of his research and study: understanding the balance of the “ocean machine” and geological, physical, chemical and biological phenomena. The sea is fragile and suffers from the consequences of human activity: overexploitation, pollution and global warming are putting the marine and planetary balance in question. Under the Ocean raises awareness of young and old about these issues. Which, in my humble opinion, is necessary!

Great idea for your kids from 2 to 12 years old

City of children under 12

Since its opening, this Cité des Sciences area, organized for children aged 2-7 and 5-12, has been popular with all family members. Enthusiasm is such that it is passed down from generation to generation. Regardless of age, children come and return to play and satisfy their curiosity in these spaces offering physical, educational or role play. It’s so touching to watch them grow and develop…

In the age group of 2 to 7 years old, interest is mainly focused on activities in which babies train their fine motor skills, while in the age group of 5 to 12 years old, with full personality building, they play with their body and their image. .

True to its mission, Universcience is aimed at any audience, from early childhood!

Exhibition “Fragile!” designed for children 2-6 years old. worth to visit. Accompanied by funny characters, each embodying an edge of fragility, we are invited to explore its diversity. We learn how to approach that which is fragile and become aware of our own fragility. It’s time to enjoy it with your little one, just like I did.

Mark : The Cité des enfants #àlamaison workshop provides remote access to events at the Cité des enfants. If you can’t go there directly due to lack of money or opportunity, this is the right plan. The unwelcome conclusion of COVID, here’s what to keep your little ones busy. In addition, you can access online a selection of audio tales in podcast format from Fragile!. To listen alone or with the family, they allow you to extend the visit. Pure pleasure.

What charging stations are near Cite des Sciences?

Paid parking is available for more than 1,400 spaces, including 29 spaces for people with disabilities.

Two self-service charging stations are at your disposal. This is enough to restore some autonomy before leaving!

Come up with

In June 2022, the exhibition “Industrial Evolution” will open, which explores the industrial issue and its impact on human life through immersive installations. I plan to return to science city to enjoy it with my kids. Indeed, as a supporter of ecology and electricity, I consider it my duty to enlighten them on these subjects.

So go ahead for a colorful program (and 100% electric)!

A city dedicated to them will be built for the little ones in the same month. After three years of waiting, Cité des Bébés, designed for children from 0 to 23 months, moves to a new space in mid-2022. Designed as a safe nest, it is focused on baby awakening, sensory-motor development and well-being.

Pending the opening of the permanent space, the “Laboratory Cité des Bébés” remains open until the end of 2021. We can’t wait to test the new one.

As with Cité des Enfants, some Cité des Bébés Lab workshops are available online. You !

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