DEC-BAC in Nursing at Laval University will no longer be subject to quotas

As of March 1, 2022, the Faculty of Nursing at Laval University recorded an 18.5% increase in applications for admission compared to the same date last year, a university spokesperson confirms.

If the trend continues, registrations could be just as high next fall.

We looked at our capacities in our labs, our opportunities in terms of internships, and then, we could remove this mention, remove the admission limit at DEC-BACexplains Frédéric Douville, Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Continuing Education.

He, who is also a research professor in nursing sciences, elaborates that it is rare for a faculty to be denied admission that meets the criteria. On the other hand, he hopes that the abolition of the quota will encourage more college graduates to get a bachelor’s degree.

Laval University responds to the government’s call to train more intensive care specialists.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Alexander DUVAL

In the fall semester, the faculty usually admits 240 students. Thus, in 2022 their number may increase.

Elsewhere in Quebec, for example, the University of Sherbrooke says it cannot make such a decision at the moment due to lack of space. For its part, the University of Montreal indicates that this path is not limited.

dropout growth

The popularity of nurses in the healthcare network also comes with a price. The dropout rate after the first session has increased this year. From 8% in autumn 2020 to 18.5% in autumn 2021.

There are always students who drop outemphasizes Mr. Douville. We do not have an estimate to clearly explain the reason for the small increase. However, we do know that the government has increased incentives to encourage nurses to work.

Last September, the government announced bonuses of up to $15,000 for nurses who choose to join the network full-time.

This is why students who have already been recruited but part-time may have decided to put their studies on hold to lend a helping hand.Associate Dean notes.

Three elected officials at a press conference.

President of the Treasury Council Sonia Lebel, Prime Minister François Legault and Minister of Health Christian Dube during the announcement of a reorganization plan to combat the labor shortage in the health sector.

Photo: Radio Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussel

In comparison, the dropout rate in the first session of all Laval University programs rose from 11.7% in fall 2020 to 15.9% in fall 2021, significantly higher than that observed in the DEC-BAC in nursing sciences.

There is another way to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing; initial bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, the faculty will not lift the enrollment limit for this course, which is approximately 140 students per year.

Undergraduate Attractiveness

The Deputy Dean does not hide this. According to him, the university training of nurses is an important advantage.

We want more than anything that those who do DEC go to university. This allows you to achieve skills in intensive care, in particular, that are not improved during college education.He says.

According to the website of the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ), therefore, a nurse providing clinical care in an intensive care unit must deal with patients at high risk of developing problems that are quite serious, which sometimes take the form of complications.. Thus, clinical nurses receive a bachelor’s degree.

Historically, nurses were initially more likely to graduate from college and go straight to work. According to these OIIQ data, the situation has changed slightly over the past ten years.

For several years, the Order has campaigned to have a bachelor’s degree mandatory for the profession. However, not all industry players agree on this issue.

When the States General Report on the Nursing Profession was released in September 2021, the CEGEP panel argued that college education attracted certain candidates who may not have the time or desire to start university.

At the time, even though the report recommended an increase in compulsory nurse training, Health Minister Christian Dube pointed out not ready to take away the title of nurse those who just went to CEGEP.

At the trade union level, the Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec (FIQ) has already stated that it does not share the views of the OIIQ on this issue.

Our requests to be interviewed by the Laval University Nursing Students Association for this report have so far gone unanswered.

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