Diamana explains why men die during sex

Nowadays, more and more men tend to take aphrodisiacs to stimulate their sexuality. But biodoctor Dr. Diamana de Jesus needs to know the difference between a chemical aphrodisiac and a natural aphrodisiac in order to avoid death in full intercourse.

Diamana de Jesus (biomedical researcher): “A chemical aphrodisiac user dies either by a partner or after the first intercourse.”

An aphrodisiac, by definition, is a medicinal substance, the purpose of which is to give the consumer sexual ability, masculinity. It can be chemical or natural. According to Dr. Diamana de Jesus, chemicals are generally dangerous. Worse, chemical aphrodisiacs, when we know the process, the reaction of aphrodisiacs: cause, deplete blood flow in the veins due to hard and satisfying erections, they should be avoided.

“First, the origin, the producer, because the guava tree only produces guava. Who is the manufacturer of the aphrodisiac you want to pay for? If this is a chemical laboratory, then the aphrodisiac will be chemical; hence the chemical consequences; What did I say? destructive, negatively affecting the heart rate. Knowing that intercourse goes back and forth, at this accelerated pace, with good endurance, it is obvious that the user of the chemical aphrodisiac dies either on the partner or after the first intercourse; administrators, and later the police, come to look at the damage in the hotels,” he warns.

The Ivorian bio-researcher says that given the need for tears, he has done research on the happiness of consumers, men as well as women who need manly men to experience orgasms. “What can we say to men, now there is a natural aphrodisiac and this is for 10 years: Virilis 2, 100% natural and without side effects, which provides erection control, instant response, guaranteed male power. No more bad luck in bed with Virilis 2 capsule by Bio-doctor Diamana researcher (…) The best of aphrodisiacs, no side effects, which men themselves call “REMOVE ME OF SHAME”. effect,” he says.

However, the biomedical researcher warns that an aphrodisiac is not a cure; he (aphrodisiac) is activated and gives the appropriate response to satisfy daily activities. “At GROUPE DIAMANA, we have ANDROFOR6 capsules for medical treatment; ANDROFOR6 heals unlike VIRILIS 2 which is instant. VIRILIS 2 is not addictive. No, the only limiting measure is that in order to take VIRILIS 2, you must make sure that your partner agrees, because 45 minutes after taking it, the reaction occurs instantly. If a partner is not available, it will be very inconvenient. We also advise men taking VIRILIS 2 to avoid failures in bed to take ANDROFOR6 treatment from the same company,” insists Dr. Diamana.

The researcher explains that ANDROFOR6 is a DIAMANA GROUP product that treats sexual weakness and soft erections. However, its effect is not immediate. “It takes 7-10 days, and the effect begins to appear. The man becomes courageous. Moreover, in addition to treating sexual weakness, soft erections, ANDROFOR6 prevents prostate cancer, prevents an increase in PSA levels and prostate size. This is a natural product that men over 35 need, ”he says.

When asked if the cost of his services and other products is affordable for everyone, the biodoctor answers: “Quality has a price. It’s like drinking water, mineral. Separately, I would like to talk about our aphrodisiac Virilis 2, the quality of the product, its harmless effect, its ability to restore male confidence, without side effects, gives meaning to its price. We produce and sell quality for a better life,” he says. To be continued…

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