Faced with war in Ukraine, Christian bosses call for ethics

For these nationwide meetings of Christian Business Leaders (CDE), P.* arrived in Le Havre late. “Every morning we have an update with the entire steering committee on the situation in Ukraine, apologizes to this leader of a large international industrial group. Everything goes there, from martial law to human resources. » Therefore, it was urgently necessary to secure Ukrainian employees and their families, some of whom were transferred to the group’s Polish factories.

In Russia, the company has a distribution network of about a hundred people who must continue to receive remuneration only from local money. “Russian law threatens our corporate officials with prison if we stop our activitieshe insists. Should our employees be punished for actions they do not justify? Because if the Ukrainians are clearly being attacked, then the Russians are also the victims of a political system that is completely fenced off from its society! »

If the war does not call into question the presence of his group in certain countries, he wonders about “this new normal that is emerging”. “It gives a lot of importance to my professional commitment”, he admits. To the point that the boss of the European division is quite far from any spiritual questions, but to whom did he explain that he spent these three days in “Christian Think Tank for Business Leaders” asked him to share his thoughts on the TDC with the steering committee.

“It forces us to be consistent”

Because when we talk to them about changing the world, the 1,800 Christian Entrepreneurs and Leaders (EDC) who gathered from Friday March 18 to Sunday March 20 in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) for their national meetings do not beat around the bush. .: half of them believe in the emergence of a new economic model based on sustainable development and social inclusion. A change that for more than a third of them will even “radical”according to the annual EDC barometer released on Friday, March 18th.

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“I am not at all satisfied with the speech about the desire to continue to import Russian gas or oil, which we will need for the economy”– admits Hubert de Boiredon, to whom his colleagues applaud. ” We seehe warns how the simple pursuit of profit makes us completely dependent on certain countries. »

Hubert de Boiredon, CEO of the Armor Group, the world leader in packaging printing, is not a dangerous revolutionary. “In 2008, we put sustainability at the forefront (I’) business, He says. Thisobliges us to a certain coherence and may have a price in front of activities contrary to our ideal. » So he gave up some establishments abroad, “because we were not in harmony with the values ​​of the country or the values ​​of our partner”.

“You must choose your obligations”

Do you risk making a cross on profitability? “The good of the company and the common good can go hand in handhe insists. Focusing on sustainability or social innovation creates synergy with our customers, the support of the company’s employees and a certain harmony with social partners. »

“Investments in countries like China or Kazakhstan are not in our plans: I don’t want to associate my company with this”confirms for his part Pierre Guillet, elected this weekend as head of the EDC.

“Clients led us to establish in Switzerland and Canada. But if I had to establish myself elsewhere, it would be in a market where we have something to offer.”he continues, convinced that“You must choose your obligations.”

He, who in particular manufactures license plate readers for car parks, therefore decided to locate all his production in Yvelines, with the exception of image verification work, “something very repetitive that nobody cares about in France” : “A friend from EDC introduced me to people in Madagascar, where today two people work for me full-time, providing a decent income locally. »

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