Fisheries, the “phenomenal fish wealth” that Nièvre must sublimate to make it a local economy.

From 70 to 80 people took part in the departmental meeting on fisheries and the protection of the aquatic environment, which took place on Saturday, March 19, in Premiere. However, this year the number of practitioners has declined, with the federation recording a workforce reduction of nearly 9% due to Covid-19. “But they are back up 8% since the beginning of the year. We will see with the discovery of the predator whether this trend will be confirmed,” says President Jean-Philippe Pannier, who is looking forward to the arrival of young enthusiasts.

premium A maximum of fishermen is expected on the rivers Nivernais for the opening of trout fishing.

What do you remember from this year? It was quite satisfactory despite the health crisis. We have managed to save things like shore development, thermal and biological monitoring of streams… 80% of our work is done. It is especially the animations with the youth, which failed to be done, and some works were prevented by the floods.

It is estimated that cormorants consume 75 tons of fish in three months. We have catastrophic effluents from ponds.

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The issue of cormorant regulation was discussed and met with applause. What is it about ? We’ve had a big problem this year. The Bird Protection League estimates that the cormorant population is 1,200. The number is estimated to be small, between 4,000 and 5,000. We were unable to prove the cormorant’s impact on the protected species, and the LPO won its case in the Dijon Administrative Court. Cormorants could operate quietly for several months, their population was not sufficiently regulated by shooting. But the damage is significant: it is estimated that in three months they consume 75 tons of fish. The runoff from our ponds is catastrophic because they eat fish but also hurt them with their sharp beaks. We want to create our own counting system in order to have arguments in court. We are not going to invest in reservoirs to feed these birds, although I have nothing against them.

World Championship in 2023

What are the important events this year? On 27, 28 and 29 May, the Ethan de Premiere will host the French Women’s Rough Fishing Championship. And from October 8 to October 15, the French carp fishing championship on Lake Pannecière. At least 200 fishermen are expected. In September 2023, the same lake will host the World Carp Championship. 32 countries should be represented with delegations of 20 to 30 people. It will be a big event for Nièvre, a real spotlight. We fought for its organization for two or three years.

Nièvre has assets, but they never sublimated them to make fishing a real local economy. This is what we are trying to do. it’s a long process

What makes Nièvre stand out? Its phenomenal fish wealth between the Loire, the majestic river, all the great lakes of the lower Morvan, first class rivers, over 3000 ponds… The Nievre has assets, but they have never sublimated them for fishing in the real local economy. This is what we are trying to do. This is a long process.

premium The carpodrom at Sercy-la-Tour is open. [en images]

So you have a project for a home for fishing, nature and biodiversity at Bayeux Pond? Yes, we want to attract a non-departmental audience. We are in the final stages of the second phase of the study. We are subsidized by 80% and the fishing world will finance the rest. The total cost is 1.9 million euros, excluding taxes. The idea is to have a tourism component, a learning component to discover biodiversity, with many activities for young and old, able-bodied and disabled. There will be aquariums, exhibitions about fishing, nature, birds, informative explanations. Introduction to fishing techniques. Audience for seminars. It will be a departmental showcase, an anchor point. It should come out of the ground in early 2023 and open in early 2024.

Board of Directors. Jean-Noel Bellorger, Alain Bergin, Jean Bernard, Jean-Louis Bernard, Alain Bonnel, Henri Bongard, Henri Compère, Roland Ducret, Pierre-Yves Fernandez, Cedric Grenin, Herve Meno, Mathieu Milleret, Jean-Philippe Pannier and Christophe Prasalek.

Marlene Martin

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