FREE MIDI INFO. Le Grelay: 20 years later, Isabelle, a resident of Montpellier, thinks she recognized her assailant

She became a civic side after seeing a portrait of François Verov: she says she is sure that the killer who committed suicide in September is the man who attacked her as a child in La Paillade.

“She was standing in front of her TV after the man’s suicide and when she saw his face she was shocked and started crying. This memory that she buried in her memory comes back to her face. She says she’s sure she’s not wrong.”

Me Chantal and Mikael Corbier, lawyers from Montpellier, filed a civil lawsuit in early March against the Parisian judge Nathalie Tourcay, who is investigating François Verov, nicknamed Le Grelay, a former gendarme and policeman from Prades-les-Les. Lez (Hérault) has been suspected for ten years of several murders and rapes of children, teenagers and adults in the Paris area since 1986. He committed suicide when he was called by the judicial police of Montpellier for a DNA sample. which was to baffle him 35 years later.

Did he manage to crack down in Montpellier or in the south of France, where he was transferred in 2001, as he had long wanted? This is the question posed by statements that Isabelle, a 40-year-old resident of Montpellier, has made in recent months to her lawyers acting as her representatives.

A scene she hasn’t forgotten since she was ten years old.

“We took the time to draft the complaint so she could think things through. She’s not a fanatic, she’s a person who has a head on her shoulders.” they insist, talking about a scene Isabelle will never forget. We were probably in the spring of 1990, judging by the cross-checks she was able to make, at the residence in the south of La Paillade, where she then lived with her parents. Isabelle is ten years old and is absent from school on a weekday because she is sick.

“She says she comes down from the building to play ball and sees a man walking. He enters the residence and immediately leaves, and asks her to help him find a friend living in the building, which She does. the door closes, he does not take her by the hand and forces her to go up to the first floor. He presses her against the wall, holds her by the throat and pulls her pants. panties or panties, and she ends up with her face at the level of her excited penis. At this moment, the elevator starts to move , he releases his grip, turns his head and walks away.

According to her lawyers, “she always remembered her face” and gives this description: “A European-type man, over 1.75 m tall, with short brown hair, cheeks dotted with small scars, hidden in places by an overgrown beard.”

At that time there were policemen in the area.

Another clarification: Isabelle remembers that the police were then near her house.
At that time, François Verov lived in Châtenay-Malabri, in the Hauts-de-Seine, and, as far as we know, he had nothing to do with Montpellier and the Great South, with the exception of his military service, which took place in the gendarmerie in Orange (Vaucluse) in early 80s. In 1990, when Isabelle discovered the attack, he left the gendarmerie 18 months ago to join the police.
Could he have passed through the area of ​​Montpellier on a business trip or to visit a colleague living in La Paillade?

“At that time, Herault Prefecture had a quota for social apartments provided to investigators or peacekeepers who had just been transferred to Herault” recalls a retired police commander from Montpellier. “Many police officers also lived there privately.”
How much credibility can we give to Isabelle’s claims? “What she describes is pretty classic post-traumatic amnesia. She did not talk about it for fear of being scolded by her parents: this is a very common reasoning in a child who has been a victim of sexual abuse. Report to me Chantal and Michael Corbier. “François Verov attacked her? She says she will surely recognize him. We share this information in the hope that it will be useful to someone. Either in order to close the door, or perhaps to obtain other evidence. to this lady who is now waiting, because it’s not the same thing, to say that we ran away from a rapist or a serial killer.

Life path and criminal profile

François Verov is identified by his DNA for the murder of 11-year-old Cécile Bloch in 1986, for the rape of 14-year-old Marianne in 1987, facts committed in Paris, and for the rape of 11-year-old Ingrid in 1994 in the Seine. -Marne. He is suspected of the double murder of Irmgard Müller, a German au pair, and Gilles Politi, with whom she was a guest, in 1987 in Paris, as well as a dozen rapes or sexual assaults between 1986 and 1994 in the Paris area. In his posthumous letter, he says that he stopped his crimes in 1997: the facts exposed by Isabelle do indeed refer to the period of his known criminal activity. The investigation is also continuing along the path of life, developed during the Lelande case, which consists in reconstructing the biography of the perpetrator, followed by the study of temporal or geographical links with cold cases.

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