From Marmande to Bordeaux, Maud Caruel, the new face of SSE in New Aquitaine

Yes Pascal Duforestel has so far been a delegated adviser for the social and solidarity economy (ESS) in the regional council, New Aquitaine has created for this new mandate Alain Rousset a vice president dedicated to ESS and thus joins the Île de France and Occitania . , which also have these positions.

Former associative obligation

What is commonly referred to today as a social and solidarity economy has always been part of the career of Maud Caruel, 46, a native of Libourne, near Bordeaux. After studying economics in industrial management at the University of Caen and her last year in sociology and local development in Toulouse, she says she has always been involved in associations: humanitarian, parents of students, as a district councilor… Originally from Normandy. , his first professional experience will be managing youth employment in the mayor’s office of Dreux, a city of 30,000 in the department of Eure-et-Loire..

For ten years now she has been living in Marmande with her son. Before she took up her post in the Region last August, the one with a passion for theater and cinema ran an associative recycling center in Villeneuvois, in Lot-et-Garonne. She stepped down to dedicate herself to her two local constituents.

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In my youth, I was a very humanitarian person, then internships while studying at the university made me focus more on integration structures. I have acquired this double economic and social hat, which we have been calling the social and solidarity economy for several years now.“, – she tells La Tribune. This course “happened quite naturally“she continues:

This is what motivates me to put the person at the center of the project, to work in a team, to be in the dynamics of territories, which SSE structures also allow. It is this positioning of thinking about the needs that we may have in the territory, to identify the shortcomings that exist and what we can build collectively.“.

Maud Caruel in the regional council (photo: Agence APPA)

In terms of politics, Maud Caruel is also not on the first try. If she has “always bathed in this commitment“with his deputy father and the mayor of his commune in Granville in Normandy it wasnaturally“represented in the municipal elections of her commune in Marmande. She is the Deputy Mayor (PS) in charge of innovation policy.

New EC Vice President

When the president of the New Aquitaine region offered her the post of vice president, Maud Caruel recalls that she was “immediately enthusiastic“Because if the delegation headed by Pascal Duforestel had existed since the establishment of the ESS service in the Region in 2015vice president”there was really a desire to go in the continuity of what was worn“to the region, in particular with a budget dedicated to SSE since 2015, or a recent five-year agreement signed between the New-Aquitaine region, the department of the Gironde, the capital of Bordeaux and the city of Bordeaux, in order to best coordinate their various activities in favor of the SSE.

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For Alain Rousset, Maud Caruel was the ideal candidate for this position. The men and women who work in this field have extraordinary hearts, benevolence, they spend an incredible amount of time caring for others, and I have always admired the humanism and altruism. This portends a more humane form of the economy. There Maud Caruel, it’s not only her commitment, but also her competence and her openness.‘, Alain Rousset enthuses at the mention of this new vice-president.

“Let SES become the norm”

The adviser delegated to the SSE in the region, Pascal Duforestel, is also very positive about the creation of this new Vice President. He sees in Maud Caruel”someone dynamic and very determined, which is why he is fully committed to this mandate and who had to give up his professional career, long devoted to SSE, in particular integration. It’s also a pledge of seriousness to someone who knows the ESS part“. The biggest challenge that Maud Caruel will have to take on in this post, he summarizes, is first of all “to ensure that SSE becomes the norm and not the exception, this was a recurring dynamic we gave ourselves during the previous mandate.” But this toowhich will be more everyday, so as not to focus on the repair economy and show that the SGE is not just like that.

“The social and solidarity economy must be integrated into the fabric of the city”

Maud Caruel knows that an important part of her vice presidency will be to continue and expand the development of SSE at the level of the New Aquitaine region. But also, “ensure that all territories are running projects or already in existence to bring SSE projects into the territories.” Also continue partnerships such as five road maps signed with twelve departments. In addition to The Sixth National Social and Solidarity Economy Forum held in Nioret (Des Sèvres) from 19 to 21 October, the city of Bordeaux also became the president of the World Social and Solidarity Economy Forum to succeed in Seoul.

Goal for Mod Caruel:to have this international outlook that we haven’t had until now. We were members of this network, but here we will be in the reception and administration of this international network. Until now, we have had European cooperation, investments in national SSE networks. We are really in this continuity, in this networking and in this illumination of collective approaches throughout the territory of New Aquitaine..”

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