Game of Roles – two towers on Twitch: a meeting invented on the occasion of the presidential campaign

The first broadcast took place on January 5 Role playing game two towers on tweet. This is a meeting invented on the occasion of the presidential campaign, where you, Jules de Kisse, and you, Clement Victorovich, meet the public on the Twitch live streaming platform to raise awareness about politics.

There were over 100,000 views and many rave reviews from listeners about the concept. Especially : “Politics does not interest me at all. And yet, I loved the series and enjoyed learning about the real facts, while laughing at the adventures of the players. Excellent, ambitious, risky and very successful. don’t wait to see what happens next” or “Great format. I really had a great night. It was really great. Congratulations! It’s incredibly cathartic to laugh at all of this right now.”

Emmanuel Daviet: The next show is next Wednesday, February 23rd, so this is an opportunity to look behind the scenes of this concept. First of all, compared to the broadcasting platform Twitch, for the neophytes, could you give us a little description of what it is about?

Kliment Viktorovich: Twitch is just a platform that allows you to stream videos live, with one specific: comments from viewers, viewers go to chat, and therefore there is a form of interaction between them. Those who watch and those who broadcast the video.

So, Game of Roles, when we watch live, what do we see?

Kliment Viktorovich: We are participating in a big storytelling session. Basically, it’s an interactive fantasy. We have a game master to tell the story. In this case, it is the story of the presidential campaign. We have Jules from Kiss, who ends the story with his beautiful radio voice. And then there are four players at the table, each representing a candidate in the presidential election. And we oppose each other in debates, contests, with speeches and arguments, in the hope of winning the votes of the viewers, the viewers who are watching the program live.

Jules de Kiss: There is also entertainment. This is a political fiction in which the first round of the presidential election is played out over the course of three hours with fictitious candidates around the table. And then there are snippets of information provided by Franceinfo. I’m here for that too. In the debates that we organize, like in real presidential campaigns, there are debates on specific social issues, agriculture, hunting, immigration, energy and so on. Which also gives some information, of course, to those who are watching.

What is the purpose of the show?

Kliment Viktorovich: This is dual. In fact, there is a first goal, this is entertainment. The audience laughs, and here is humor, humor, a little elation, enthusiasm. And then behind, it’s also the goal to participate and let the citizens rebuild the policy. Twitch is a fairly young audience, and we know that young people are increasingly distancing themselves not only from politics, but especially from elections.

And there we show that through an innovative, fun format, politics is for everyone. Anyone can grab it. Everyone can enjoy it, can be interested in it. And it is we who have the elements of information that also allow the transmission of facts. This is the dual purpose of entertainment as well as education and information.

Emmanuel Daviet: Jules de Kiss, Clement Victorovich mentioned an important word, the word “entertainment”. How did you separate information from entertainment?

Jules de Kiss: It is true that we are Franceinfo, we are not in the business of entertainment, we are in the business of information, and all the entertainment part, namely, is provided by those who are at the table. Here we can clarify that these are what we call streamers, live videographers who often broadcast parts of video games, but all kinds of entertainment that are at the table and embody these candidates, and Fiber Tigre, indeed, the master of the game makes turns. there are adventures, etc.

And then along with that, there are bits of information. And there was Franceinfo’s desire to separate entertainment from information so that it didn’t turn into a big mess. There are sound elements that allow you to do this, sound carpets, small beacons. And I, I’m there, and I intervene, and I say well, now we’re in real life. And there I run elements of the original information verified by the Franceinfo agency on all letters, reports, interviews, etc.

What are the instructions for those who want to watch you next Wednesday?

Kliment Viktorovich: Just on the Internet. Klemovich’s channel is the name of my channel. You can also download the application for your mobile phone. Basically, Twitch is no more difficult to use than YouTube for those who listen to us.

Jules de Kiss: Similar. It is then available on podcasts and rebroadcast on YouTube. French radio podcast.

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