his most cashed revelations about antics in Secret Story: “They did it anywhere!”

twenty years already what show loft history appeared on television. Anniversary, for which the famous presenter Benjamin Castaldi presented a special broadcast, Anniversary, this Thursday, April 8th. During this program, the cult reality show host returned to the behavior of candidates in love matters. Locked up for long weeks, the blood of young men and women was clearly boiling. reviewer C8 admits that they had a relationship everywhere and always. object explains to you in great detail.

Benjamin Castaldi: but Birthday, revelations galore.

Two decades already

Really twenty years loft history appeared on the screens of French television. If today this type of program has become very common, then at that time it was a real revolution. Subsequently, the light will see many other programs of the same genre. Almost at the same time secret history presented its first candidates. Thus, Benjamin Castaldi was well acquainted with the beginning of this real phenomenon, which was to develop exponentially. The star host of the daily show, he became a privileged witness to the behavior of the members as well as the reaction of the public. Therefore, this Thursday, April 8, 2021, Aurora’s husband presented an anniversary program in honor of loft historybut also returning to other reality shows.

The Cindy Lopez case was specifically mentioned that evening. A young woman who Secret History 3 appeared without clothes. Before the airing of this program, the team Don’t touch my TV also decided to raise the topic. Kirill Hanuna at the same time, he said to himself, somewhat amazed that such images could be broadcast for hours “where the kids could watch.” It’s true that some of the scenes were explicit, to say the least. In particular, the famous scene with the pool, which, probably, many still remember. object refreshes memory!

Without shame

Therefore, Benjamin Castaldi sums up all these years of reality TV shows. A lot has changed in twenty years. Some of the images broadcast at the time would be completely banned today. We remind you, Loana and Jean Edouard did not hesitate to start a relationship in the pool in front of the cameras. But in fact they would not be the only ones. Many other candidates, and certainly candidates, would have rendered the same services. Some moments of these romantic encounters were even broadcast at the time.

Earlier, of course, producers and channel managers realized that everything had gone too far. From this moment on, the participants no longer even hide in order to in facing the camera as images cannot be shown to the public. Since then, relations between young people have multiplied, they no longer risk anything. Since then, they no longer take any precautions. When they wanted to be in silence, they simply had to walk around naked to make sure no image could be used. Benjamin Castaldi also understood the little carousel of candidates very well, especially in Secret history.

past era

Thus, Benjamin Castaldi experienced the beginnings of concepts that would become indispensable in just a few years. It would be simply impossible to list such programs, given the abundance of productions in recent times. Corn loft historyas well as secret history, as well as Star academy there were indeed predecessors in another genre. In such an innovative universe, there were actually very few rules. Little by little, producers, candidates, animators, and even the public had to learn to set certain limits. Because in the beginning it is true that in reality there are absolutely none.

As Benjamin Castaldi explained in this anniversary program, a truly new world was offered to them. Besides, if today some people complain about the crappiness of some programs, then twenty years ago, in some respects, things looked even worse. Indeed, it would be unimaginable to see the same footage in 2021 as in 2001 without causing a real wave of indignation … Some will complain in certainly and the supreme council for audiovisual means would have reacted very likely. Thus, Benjamin Castaldi returned to an era that those under 20 years old cannot know about. When discussing these programs, even media specialist Kirill Hanuna said he was offended by these twenty-year-old images.

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