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Hugo Page has no time to breathe. After his 16as well as seat at the Grand Prix de Denin this Thursday, the regular member of Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert followed this Saturday with Classic Loire-Atlantique and then this Sunday at Cholet. But under the colors of the France Espoirs team. “I think it could have been a little better, I wasn’t very good today either. I’m still a little tired from Thursday, from the trip, but it’s still a place of honor. It’s still good”. L’Espoir 3 followed the good progress of the race before participating in a small committee sprint to finish in the top 5 (see rating). “I saw a group of 15-20 people leaving, Matteo (Verchet) and Valentin (Retaio) were right in front of me, I told them to set a big pace just before the impact, on the descent. I managed to make a bump jump to get back”.

He then had to get smart so as not to break down against his fourteen opponents in the leading group. “I saw myself on my own, with a lot of big, well-represented teams. We needed to play a little, I put in as little effort as possible, I did everything to play to win, there will be other opportunities. good season”. On the last lap, the Saint-Fiacre wall took over for a while. “I did well for two laps, then on a steep hill I had a little less, I don’t know why. returned to the four limits. I told myself we should stay put and not drive and we saw what happened”. And even though he cursed a few seconds after crossing the line, Hugo Page managed to draw colder positive.


The place for revenge, this Sunday, is on the roads of Cholet, where the French Championship will also take place in a few months. “This is an important weekend, especially since I work well with my team, it is also an opportunity to play my personal card. I’m in good shape, even if I was worse than on Thursday. Tomorrow remains (Sunday) to try to do better and try to win”. The Belgian World Team allowed him to play in the blue jersey. As such, he is the only WorldTour driver selected by Pierre-Yves Chatelon. “It’s really very good, they are 100% in my development, and I am very grateful to them, because it’s great to develop this way and have your own card. “Ambitious”.

If he trusted DirectVelo find its maximum speed (read here), his experience on the cobbles may allow him to become the runner he tends to be. “I saw that I was good in Denan and on the paving stones. I want to specialize in these races like the Tour of Flanders, the semi-classics… I try to go to races to learn. It’s not only the physical aspect that matters, but also the experience. Knowing the races and key moments also plays a huge role. The team makes me learn from great races. And I hope to gradually get closer to victory.”. Mentally and physically exhausted at the end of last season, Hugo Page feels reborn at the start of the year. “I found my base, I’m with a team that trusts me and that I believe in, so when it works like this, it’s really good.”.


The former French junior time trial champion is due to return to the blue tunic within a year. Especially at the World Cup in Australia. “It will be important, I have already looked at the track, even if it should be massive, there is a way to make a difference and wear out the fastest sprinters. It’s in the back of my mind, I’m going to work for it”. Otherwise, Hugo Page wants more races than he did in his first two U23 years. “I will inevitably go through the physical stage by participating in a lot of races, especially compared to the few races I have done in the last two years. The goal is to help, take your place and flesh out once a year. Nice. Hugo Page is coming. Why not take the last step this Sunday in Cholet.

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