In Hyena, future cinema project advances and reveals its name

Film design is not always a long, calm river. Dangers on the set, improvisation of the actors, editing… Many parameters can cause the final result to be different from the original idea.

A script has been written to create the future Hyena cinema. It remains to be seen how this feature film will be realized. In an article published on Tuesday, March 15, on the website Boxing Pro pointed out that The Loiret Film Development Commission authorized the continuation of the project.

An important step before an application for a building permit to be submitted “within fifteen days”confirms Cedric Aubry, project manager. The name was found: Le Grand Club. A name that is not at all surprising when you know that the Reynaud family, who currently manages Le Club, is behind the project.

“Bright and warm”

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Cedric Aubrey clarifies that soil surveys will be launched “by the end of the month, as soon as the permit is issued”, on the site of the first stone that was laid in December 2016 for the former collapsed Gien project. The area located at the intersection of Veterans of North Africa and Factory streets.

The sketches were drawn up by Veronica Kirchner, an architect who worked with Cédric Aubry. If the plans are destined to develop, the house is planned to be made “light and warm”, with large bay windows that let natural light into the porchclarifies Clemence Zachary, daughter of Jean-Fabris Reynaud.

The building is planned to be made “light and warm”. @Sketch courtesy of Cedric Aubry

“Still to be determined, as we depend on raw material prices and local city plan, she notes. But we want to do something sober and environmentally integrated, why not, with that natural dimension that wood can bring.”

Due to strong speculation following the health crisis and in the midst of the war in Ukraine, this forest will not be weightless. The envelope defined in this question, in the first version of the project, can be changed, if necessary, for the design of this building, which should include three rooms with approximately 180, 110 and 70 beds.

The plot area is estimated at 1175 square meters. @Sketch courtesy of Cedric Aubry

The project must take under the ceiling of three million euros. Even 2.5 millionhopes Grégoire Reynaud, brother of Clemence Zachary. “We’re going to stick the permit on the wooden envelope, but if costs get out of control, we will change the material, supports Cedric Aubry. We have a pretty good experience with my architect.”

Man is accustomed to designing ergonomic cinemas for small towns or towns of modest size. Thus, the president of Confluences cinemas opened six establishments. under this brand throughout France, not to mention the projects of other promoters that he supported.

“We are not partridges of the year”

However, most Gennois are perplexed when asked. “I won’t believe it until I see it,” they tell us on the streets. It must be said that the fiasco of the original project, led by Gerard Thum, and then the aborted “Plan B” by Pega Luyindula, is unlikely to reassure the inhabitants, who, nevertheless, are looking forward to the creation of such equipment. “All the better! It takes the pressure off us and makes us want to open it even faster.“, says Gregoire Reynaud.

Contacting the National Film Center, he points out that “if the departmental planning committee has approved the project, what is considered serious“We are not partridges of the year,” says Cedric Aubrey. We have demonstrated guarantees with our achievements, which speak for themselves.”

Cédric Aubry is the project manager along with the Reynaud family who are running the project. @ Yonna Republican

Actors always retain the will toopen an institution from December, for the release of the second partAvatar. “It’s still credible,” insists Cedric Aubry. “And if we need a little more time to keep and keep the envelope, we will make that concession.

Thomas Derays

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