“It was a personal account…”: he films his intercourse without the consent of partners before posting them on social networks, convicted of forty

The tone of voice is serious, but the man seems to soften the seriousness of the facts. Valettois, 45, who was tried in the Criminal Court of Toulon, has just been sentenced to 12 months in prison, including six months of probation.

For several years, Gerald S. had to film his companions during their sexual intercourse.

These images weren’t just juicy personal memories, as he posted them on his Twitter account. “I had several sex tapes and streamed. We showed off with an old friend”, he admits. On the social network, her followers reveled in it.

But there is a step from there to filming and broadcasting without the consent of women. And it is behind this step that he appears in court, although he pretends to be looking for a nuance.

Personal account… 2500 people

“We couldn’t see the faces, I made sure they weren’t recognizable, it relativizes. It was a private account… accessible only to 2,500 people. Sort of a diary. I thought it would never come out.” The presiding judge, Virginie Santoro, takes a break. “Social media is the exact opposite..

40-year-old man confesses thatnice to see the commentsposted by an informed public, he recalls. “A group of men who express themselves rudely. It’s anonymoushe continues. In real life, we wouldn’t do that.”.

Real life, really. And the shock was experienced by four women whose bodies were put on public display without their consent.

Comments “filthy”

According to an investigation by the Toulon police, 39 different women appear in the videos, not all of them have been identified – some do not consider themselves victims.

To Prosecutor Stephanie Battle: “the comments are very far from raw. His idea of ​​women is dirty and inexpressible. He invents life like a stallion and does not hesitate to harm others.”. This calls for a heavy thirty months in prison (including 18 months of probation), but the actual maximum sentence is two years.

Gerald S. is called back to the bar. “I’m not proud of it”, he comments. “Yes, I hope… leave the judge. What about your daughters if this happened to them?” He himself is a father. “I was waiting for this questionhe squeaks. It’s a great experience to tell them not to do it.” It is said with such awkwardness.

“Monsieur always hatessays civil lawyer M.as well as Severin Penet. We minimize, we deny. But on Twitter, he’s very blatantly bragging. The comments are disgusting and disgusting. Even though the account has been closed, these videos remain a threat. Some have over 8000 views.

“Do not worry”

In defense of Mr.as well as Olivier Ferry believes that “yes, broadcast without their consent, but [elles] agreed to filmsetting the context “sexuality in direct access, in our today’s world”.

Mostly, “videos have been removedemphasizes the lawyer as soon as he could. There was no intent to harm.” At the very end of the trial, the defendant says:I’m sorry, don’t worry.”

Six months in prison can serve under an electronic bracelet. Counsel for the defense says an appeal is pending “a harsh sentence for a man who has never been judged”.

“Twitter has a video of you”

The place is given to the voice of the victims. Adele, the first (all names have been changed), almost two years of relationship and a huge disappointment. “The first time I realized he was filming me was during oral sex.”

She stifles her sobs. “We’ve taken sexy photos before, but I thought it was just for him.” According to her, she never agreed to act during sexual intercourse.

It’s later”in messengers”that the stranger said to him: “There’s a video of you on Twitter.” She didn’t want to believe it until she got the screenshots. “He confused us all. We will be recognized on the video.

Fear of losing your job

Esther says to herself:fully recognizable by the tattoos on the back”. She took the videothe only one”, but in private, and certainly not to be stared at on a social network. She lived”in fear of losing your job if anyone saw”.

Sophie she was”the whole family, with a 7-year-old granddaughter”when she found out about the video and the Twitter account. Horror. Louise, another victim, raises her head.This is an attack on our body, on our privacy.”

The court recognized the damage caused to these four women, each will receive 1,000 euros as immediate compensation for their non-pecuniary damage, plus 500 euros as legal costs. A subsequent hearing will determine the total amount of the repair.

Valettua is required to treat himself on a psychiatric level for two years and is prohibited from coming into contact with the victims.

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