Lab’ess is looking for 10 PROJECTS WITH A POSITIVE IMPACT to integrate their incubator


In a rapidly changing social, economic and environmental context, new needs are emerging that require innovative solutions. The scale of the transformation makes us think about restructuring the relationship between the economy and society, about the invention of a pluralistic economy that promotes social justice and sustainable development. The Lab’ess incubator is part of this reflection with the desire to contribute to the creation of companies that bring social innovation.

The Lab’ess incubation program stimulates projects through SUPPORT and FUNDING, without forgetting the most important thing: the positive impact on our society. The incubation course is designed for project managers who offer innovative solutions and provide viable responses to environmental and social challenges. It could be a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE in the making or in the making.

Lab’ess offers a complete incubation program to support candidates in entrepreneurial activities with a social purpose:

Comprehensive training program including bootcamp, workshops adapted to the needs of incubators, turnkey tools, presentations by expert speakers and peer entrepreneurs;
Individual and personalized support, i.e. at least one meeting per month, specialized trainers, post-incubation support and a mobility grant;
Networking with additional partners: experts, entrepreneurs, sponsors; a series of multi-format networking,
Accommodation with a collaborative and friendly workspace designed for future entrepreneurs, including human, logistical and documentary resources, with a possible residence;
Access to an international network allowing participation in international fairs, the Afric’innov African network and worldwide with PULSE;
Funding up to 15,000 TND and pre-selection for the Social Entrepreneur Prize from Lab’ess and UBCI.
This comprehensive support system is supported by the French Development Agency, the UBCI bank and the Innov’i – EU4Innovation project, which supports an ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.

Lab’ess is open for applications to select 10 PROJECT OWNERS who will benefit from the benefits of an incubator located in the heart of Tunisia at 7, rue Dr Alphonse Laveran, 1002 Belvédère.

Interested initiators of social innovation can fill out the form on the website until December 5, 2021.
The incubation program will start on January 6, 2022.


How it works ?
The Lab’ess team conducts a preliminary selection of projects submitted online, taking into account the selection criteria. Pre-selected leaders will be invited to a “bootcamp” for 2 days to perfect their pitches. Finally, candidates will be asked to elaborate on their project during individual interviews with the Lab’ess team.

Project selection steps:
1. Submission of files to the Laboratory from 11/01/2021 to 12/05/2021 until midnight.
2. Selection of candidates. Applicants are informed on December 9, 2021.
3. Boot Camp – Improve Your Presentation for Shortlisted Projects: December 16-17, 2021
4. Tell us more about your project at the individual interviews on December 20 and 21, 2021.
5. Start of incubation with an integration day at Lab’ess on January 6, 2022.


The Lab’ess program, with a total duration of 6 months, supports projects without forgetting the main thing: the positive impact on our society. The incubation course is designed for project managers who offer innovative solutions and provide viable responses to environmental and social challenges.
The Technical Committee will pay particular attention to the following criteria:
1. Profile of a social entrepreneur
Technical Competence
Entrepreneurial attitude and qualities
Motivation and attendance

2. Social and environmental impact
Good problem definition
The project satisfies one or more social/environmental needs that are poorly or insufficiently covered

3. Value proposition
The solution is innovative, well-defined and tailored
Feasibility and market knowledge

4. Durable solution
Mobilize the team and partners
Income strategy
Principles and values ​​of the social and solidarity economy

Do you offer a solution to a social or environmental problem? Do you want to create your own business that combines collective interest and economic efficiency? APPLY!

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